Vero Appoints Three New Leaders to Power Regional Growth


Vero Appoints Three New Leaders to Power Regional Growth

Vero Appoints Three New Leaders to Power Regional Growth

Last week Vero announced three key appointments to power regional growth. 

Suwanya Tungpanya will take on the newly created VP, Client Journey role and will accompany and support the growth of Vero’s largest regional clients in the region. 

Sasha Alwani will take on the also new VP, Growth role and will focus on enhancing Vero’s regional strategic planning and brand strategy capacity.  

And Vu Quan Nguyen will expand his current internal culture and external marketing remit to Vero’s key clients and take on the VP, Culture & Brand role for the region.  

“The appointments of Suwanya, Sasha, and Vu Quan, all three critical performers with proven track records of thinking and acting regionally for Vero, help us give a broader focus to verticals that are core to the firm’s continued success in ASEAN. Our model is simple: we want to provide the most up-to-date set of services to our brand clients, deliver cutting-edge strategic plans to industry-leading brands, all the while nurturing best-in-class culture for our people and our clients. These appointments help us achieve just that, if not more.“ Said Brian Griffin, Vero’s CEO.  

Vero’s footprint in ASEAN is unparalleled among independent brand consulting firms. With over 150 PR, Digital, and Creative consultants in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Vero provides an extensive consulting offer for enterprises looking to tap into the region’s fastest-growing markets. 

“To us, Southeast Asia is the most exciting place to do business in today, and we will continue to invest in our people to provide the most comprehensive service offer available to brands in the region.” Mr. Griffin added.