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At a time when the ASEAN region is the best performing economic zone in the world, Indonesia, with a population of 261 million people, is among the star performers, and it is a country proactively managing its development, as evidenced by the launch of its first public transport network in the recent months. It is estimated that this proactive development of Indonesia will result in the country becoming the world’s fifth largest economy in the world by 2030.

No doubt, Indonesia is a competitive market for digital and PR agencies. In Jakarta there are dozens of global digital marketing and PR agencies. There are also dozens of smaller independent agencies. But we believe Vero fulfills a niche as an digital marketing and PR agency wholly focused on serving clients in the fast-growing, large ASEAN markets outside of Singapore.

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The reality is that we believe the large, fast-growing markets in Southeast Asia have commonalities that help us create campaigns that are easily adopted to local markets. If we compare Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok – and even Yangon – we can see a convergence of how people, particularly millennials and Gen Z, consume information. These markets are all mobile first. There are high levels of trust in influencers. Young people are forgoing traditional media in favor of digital options. The most powerful media in each market is social. Of course, there are also major differences between these cities and countries. But on the whole, we believe that from a marketing and communications standpoint, a campaign that will work in Thailand or Vietnam, will also work in Indonesia, The Philippines and Myanmar, and vice versa.

Indonesia is an investment priority for Vero. This means that Vero is always seeking the best talent to be part of the team. Given our focus on the future of providing brands and consumers with experiences, we will ensure that Vero’s planners, creatives, media and influencer engagement account managers are the best, most future-orientated in the agency business

The Vero agency celebrates 12 years of business in Southeast Asia in 2019, and 12 years of building a digital marketing and PR agency that today serves clients in every major market in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia.

We aim to be the most complete PR, digital, social, creative agency in Southeast Asia.

A strong, highly creative team in Indonesia is an absolutely critical part of this process.

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The program will support employee mental and physical health with subsidized counseling, de-stress days off, and healthy food.

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