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The Philippines, like other Southeast Asia countries, is an emerging economy for Digital Marketing & PR agencies to join and invest in. With more than 70% of the population actively using social media every day and considering social media as their source of information besides the common search engines, the Philippines has earned its title of the social media capital in the world since 2018. The Vero team in the Philippines is led by best-in-class strategists and communicators, whose missionary is to provide the best communication practices for one of the most potential markets in the region.

Digital Marketing & PR Strategy

In the Philippines, Vero advises clients from a range of industries and is focused on partnering with modern brands, including home-grown brands, regional brands, and global brands. The digital marketing & PR landscape in the Philippines is booming. Social media has had a major influence on Filipino’s purchase decisions, and Filipinos are known as the world’s #1 social media power users. This has resulted in the formation of an active influencer ecosystem, with firms and influencers acknowledging the need to professionalize and standardize the influence economy.

Over 12 years leading and winning awards for our campaigns and business results, Vero has built a strong network customized for impact in Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing economies. The Philippines, without a doubt, is a promising industry that we invest and put a lot of hope in. By putting an earned media mindset and emerging technology at the core of its business, Vero is creating campaigns across sectors and specialty areas, including brand and B2B marketing, technology, corporate reputation, crisis management, social impact and financial communications.

Vero is independent and employee-owned. We don’t have a HQ; our leaders are talents from all over ASEAN region. In addition to the Philippines, Vero owns offices in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. In these countries, Vero plans and implements PR and communications campaigns that are aligned with the needs of local stakeholders, media, and influencers.

Vero also seeks to help talented communication professionals enjoy great professional experiences and accelerate their careers in the Philippines, as well as other countries in the region.


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