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The Vero team in Vietnam places a premium upon creativity, generating positive business results and high-quality account servicing.  Vero comes with a willingness to closely partner with our clients, something that comes more naturally to an independent ASEAN network than some of the global digital marketing and PR agencies or even the smaller, local creative agencies with offices in a single market.

Vietnam, given its growth and potential, is a key investment for Vero, which is why today, Vero’s office is wholly owned, under new management, and includes a new team of digitally-focused account managers, PR executives, creatives, and planners. And with all of this change comes a new sense of possibility about the work we can do for clients in Vietnam.

Already, the impact is being felt within our business as our team in Vietnam is collaborating on creative campaigns with colleagues across Southeast Asia on behalf of both regional and global clients.


Digital & PR Strategy in Vietnam

Many of the major global digital marketing and PR agencies have offices in Vietnam. This includes agencies owned and operated by the marketing services holding companies, such as WPP, Publicis and Omnicom. There are also large numbers of smaller, independently owned agencies based in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, many doing very creative work for enterprise clients. Vero’s place in the agency landscape is in between these two models. In short, there are numerous global agencies and numerous local agencies – but there are few agencies that are truly regional in Southeast Asia.

Our goal is to provide clients with the most comprehensive, most future-orientated PR and digital marketing services in the largest, fastest growing countries in the ASEAN region.

The Vero digital marketing and PR agency celebrates 12 years of business in Southeast Asia in 2019, and 12 years of building a business that today serves clients in every major market in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia.

The reality is that no digital or PR agency will probably ever have an office in every country in Southeast Asia. There are simply too many markets to make that realistic and investment isn’t always necessary when there are affiliate partners in some of the smaller ASEAN markets, such as Laos. However, for Vero, our goal is to have a very complete offer in the major markets of the ASEAN region – and we believe we are on the way to having one of the best offers in the ASEAN region. A strong, highly creative team in Vietnam is an absolutely critical part of this process.

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