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Vero’s business in Myanmar has come a long way since we moved into the market, truly among the very first foreign agencies to enter Myanmar after the investment became an opportunity in the spring of 2012.

Today, thanks to the brilliant work of our people in Yangon, Vero is doing impactful and important PR and digital marketing work on behalf of clients, including some campaigns that we believe are best in class in the ASEAN region.

From our early beginning 6 years ago, today Vero’s office in Myanmar includes more than 20 professional doing work for some of the world’s best brands and organizations, such as but not limited to Visa, Samsung, Heineken, One Championship, Viber, Ooredoo, Puma and Save the Children, among others.

Moreover, our team in Yangon has invested in addressing the needs of brands today, which is why we have hired planners and creatives and people with marketing skill sets while still maintaining the same great media relationships and storytelling skills with which we started the business.

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Trust in Influencers in Myanmar

As in all of our Vero offices across the ASEAN region, our team in Myanmar also invests in learning and insights. In 2017, we conducted a survey of Millennials and Gen Z in Yangon to better understand the thinking, habits and preferences of these groups of people, whose lives are so much more connected than earlier generations. The result of the study was published as a whitepaper and widely reported in the media. Following this study, Vero sought to better understand how influencer marketing is developing in Myanmar, and so we conducted another survey of people in Yangon to learn about the levels of trust they place in influencers. The results of this study will be published in a white paper available for download here.

The Vero agency in Myanmar is an important part of the Vero network of owned offices across the ASEAN region and our ambition of offering clients the most complete and future orientated services in the fast-growing, large markets in Southeast Asia. Today, the Vero footprint in Southeast Asia includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar, which as a whole has a population of nearly 500 million.

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