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In 2019, Vero is celebrating 12 years of digital marketing and pr agency business in Thailand, which also marks 12 years of building an agency to serve every major market in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Today, we seek to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, future-orientated public relations, digital marketing, social media services, creative solutions, and brand experience in the ASEAN region, home to some of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Technically speaking, Vero has no agency headquarters, and each of our offices operates as its own entity. However, since its founding as our original office in 2007, our Vero Thailand has acted as a springboard for our expansion across the region – first to Vietnam, then Myanmar, and soon to open in Indonesia.

PR & Digital Marketing Landscape

Many major global digital marketing and PR agencies maintain offices in Thailand, including those owned and operated by marketing services holding companies like WPP, Publicis, and Omnicon. Additionally, a large number of independent and boutique Thai agencies do very creative work for enterprise clients. Vero makes it home between these two models, standing as one of the few truly regional Southeast Asian agencies.

The reality is that it would be impractical for any agency to have an office in every country in Southeast Asia, as long as there are highly capable agencies in smaller markets who are eager to become affiliate partners.

Therefore, Thailand drew our focus due to its decades-long history of advertising and communications excellence and large supply of talented and creative young professionals. Its metropolitan capital of Bangkok, as a hub for the region and the world’s most-visited city, was the natural choice for us to start an agency with the ambition to serve all of Southeast Asia.

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What does the Facebook boycott mean for brands and marketers in Southeast Asia?

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#Corporate reputation #Communications #Public relations #Indonesia #Myanmar #Thailand #Vietnam

Why Brands in Asia should pay attention to Black Lives Matter [part 2 of 2]

Black Lives Matter was primarily an American movement until recently, but momentum from the protests means its impact has now spread around the world, including places where Black people are a much smaller minority than the US.

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#Corporate reputation #Communications #Public relations #Indonesia #Myanmar #Thailand #Vietnam

For Global Brands, Addressing Black Lives Matter is Just the Beginning [part 1 of 2]

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#Corporate reputation #Communications #Public relations #Indonesia #Myanmar #Thailand #Vietnam
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