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Vero aims to be the most progressive and innovative communications consultancy in Southeast Asia. This requires constant work and attention in how we enhance collaboration with our clients, how we engage with Vero team members and the impact we make on society. Following is a snapshot of some of our initiatives designed to move us forward, fast.

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- Our Workplace

Higher Standards of Parental Leave

In a region where parental leave policies are disparate, Vero aligns with higher standards, effectively expanding paid leave for future fathers and mothers.

6 months of paid maternity leave become the standard, Vero effectively covering the duration and amount of salary not supported by local social security systems. This policy is provided to all Vero team members with 1 year of service.

1 month of paid paternity leave is also applied for new fathers.

Unlimited Leave & Hybrid Work

To foster a healthy work-life balance, Vero schedules two company-wide breaks yearly amounting to 7.5 days off, and provides team members with an Unlimited Leave mechanism.

The policy aims to provide flexibility of time arrangement for team members while protecting their ability to plan and secure substantial time off.

All offices at Vero offer hybrid work arrangement and allows teams to manage their rhythm efficiently.

Mental Health Counselling Program

Acknowledging the importance of mental health, Vero offers sponsored, confidential counselling options to team members, provided by certified professional counsellors.

Active Governance

Employee feedback & workplace improvement are at the forefront of Vero’s ambition to be the most progressive workplace in Southeast Asia. Employee engagement scoring and detailed feedbacks are collected quarterly, leading to committed bills of policies and programs addressing highlighted concerns. A shadow board is included in the governance cycle, ensuring that diverse leading opinions are recognized.

Work Charter

Vero’s standard agreements of engagement with clients include a charter outlining healthy and constructive collaborative principles. Those principles cover respect of time & mental health of Vero’s team members by encouraging positive and reasonable modes of engagement.

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Sustainable Growth

Clean Creatives Pledge

Vero has signed the Clean Creatives pledge, joining over 200 creative firms which pledged to not engage in contracts for PR and advertising campaign support for fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups associated with the fossil fuel industry.

The Clean Creatives pledge is a global movement bringing together leading agencies, their employees, and clients to address the advertising and PR industry’s work with fossil fuels. It states that the PR and Advertising industry can be complicit in helping fossil fuel companies resist mounting international pressure against their activity. And it puts the responsibility on advertising and PR professionals to choose to work with brands and on campaigns that promote a greener future for the planet.


B Corp Certification

Vero is B Corp certified across all of its offices in Southeast Asia, making it the largest Southeast Asia grown agency to join the global B movement. We share their conviction that sustainable business practices don’t emerge solely from isolated activities or programs — they are fostered through operational processes and policies.


Combatting Greenwashing

Vero has developed a proprietary approach to deconstruct & circumvent greenwashing practices which may plague the most creative and clever communications work. The playbook called Greenwatching is available as a resource for both Vero team members and the industry at large.

The Good Shop

With an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability, Vero has facilitated internal initiatives to be designed, produced and launched. For example, Vero has launched a first second-hand shop on-site at the Bangkok office, designed with sustainable principles and materials, and offering a rotating range of pre-loved fashion and accessories for purchase.

Event Production Sharing System 
& Waste Free Events

Vero deploys an innovative approach to event management, emphasizing sustainability and waste reduction. Through our internal sharing system, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of events by maximizing the reuse of production materials such as stages, digital backdrops, and reusable decorations. This innovative system not only reduces waste but also fosters awareness of sustainable practices among our team members and clients, promoting a culture of environmental stewardship. In tandem with this, our Waste Free Events program focuses on minimizing single-use plastics, implementing recycling and composting systems, and encouraging responsible consumption among event attendees. By spearheading these initiatives, Vero is not only setting a new standard for sustainable event management but also inspiring positive change across the industry.

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Aiming for
Excellence with

Bi-Annual NPS Surveys

To monitor the health of working relationships, Vero also offers an NPS system designed to evaluate terms of collaboration and provide an opportunity to feedback and organize collaboration efficiently.

Tier 1 Program

For the largest accounts, Vero teams are trained with a specific collaboration methodology, which is transparently offered to clients. The Tier 1 Program contains advanced business reviews and further partnership opportunities.

Proprietary Resources
& Innovation Transparency

As the state of business and industry evolves, Vero innovates and develops proprietary resources, such as InFluent – an influencer management methodology or Rep IQ – a tech stack focused on data & insights embedded in every proposal made. With the emergence of AI, Vero also makes strides in adopting technology and the opportunities it offers.

In managing these transitions, Vero commits to transparency and ethical decision-making, with internal steering committees, governance reviews and thought-leadership efforts to contribute to industry conversations on developments and challenges.