Vero Expands Regional Footprint to the Philippines

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in the Philippines.

This brings Vero’s total number of offices to five and provides Vero with an active presence in the five most populous countries in Southeast Asia with a total combined population of 600 million people.  In addition to the Philippines, Vero owns offices in Indonesia, MyanmarThailand, and Vietnam, wherein the year prior to the pandemic, these countries grew at an average annual growth rate of 5.3 percent, according to the Asian Development Bank.   

Raphael Lachkar, Vero’s Chief Operating Officer says “For years we managed regional campaigns in the Philippines through partners.  It’s clear the Philippines plays a strategic role for brands looking to grow in Southeast Asia. Building a team, opening an office, and providing clients with Vero team members in the Philippines is the logical next step in our goal of providing clients with a unified service offering across ASEAN’s biggest countries.  Based on our experience in the Philippines so far, this intuition has only become stronger along with the setup phase. We’re meeting and onboarding outstanding brand and strategy professionals and we’re excited for all the creative prospects this new team will bring to our clients and agency.”    

At its Philippines’ operation, Vero will extend it’s brand consulting, creative, data, consumer insights, and PR services to the Philippines market and will also tap into the country’s highly skilled creative talent to power some of its regional integrated brand consulting work.  

Vero’s new leadership team in Manila is built across specialties and around 3 industry leaders. 

Vero Expands Regional Footprint to the Philippines
Nicole Briones, IMC Account Director, says “I am excited to be joining Vero at such an interesting time for the Philippines and for Southeast Asia as a whole. As someone who has experience working across the region, I’m thrilled to be leading a team in my own country, and growing Vero in the Philippines.”  

Nicole has more than 8 years of experience in strategizing, leading, and managing IMC campaigns in the Philippines and abroad. She specializes in consumer telecom and tech industries and has served clients such as but not limited to Globe Telecom and Samsung in the Philippines and Ooredoo in Myanmar.  

Christine Tria, PR Account Director, will lead Vero’s Philippine-based PR team. She says “I am looking forward to working with the great talent pool that exists across Vero. I believe that our shared knowledge across the region will help us to thrive more than ever and help our clients to prosper in a time when digital communications is changing and adapting.” Christine is a communications practitioner with 20 years of experience both in-house and agency side. Christine joins Vero after having led the marketing and communications team for Max International, the global leader in health and wellness products. She has also worked with clients such as Philips, Trend Micro, Volkswagen, Suzuki, and Uniol Petroleum, among others.   

 Therese Liboro, Associate Creative Director, specializes in creative storytelling and copywriting, with work awarded both locally and internationally. Therese will be leading a team of talented creatives at Vero’s Philippine office. In her 10 years in advertising, she has worked with clients such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Fonterra, Toyota, and Smart.  

“Working with Vero is a unique opportunity, with its strong foundation in PR and fast-growing digital marketing portfolio. There aren’t many independent agencies with offices across Southeast Asia and the creative opportunities this could bring through our collaborative mindset is particularly exciting,” she says.


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