Vero Day Returned to Celebrate 2022


Vero Day Returned to Celebrate 2022

Vero Day Returned to Celebrate 2022

This week we learned that 20% of our team are INFJ’s or diplomats, 14% are INFP’s or Mediators and 12% are ISFJ or Defenders.  

Whilst we don’t think that any personality test can fully represent our diverse team, we did enjoy learning more about ourselves and our working styles at our annual Vero Day. 

Vero Day brings our five regional teams together to celebrate a year of awards, campaigns and cultural policies.   

It also gave us a chance to share the finer details of some of our work in the friendly competition ‘We Think This Can(nes) Win.’  

Our team voted on their favorites with the Love and Care campaign for Samsung taking the top-spot. You can read more about this case study here.

Vero Town Hall / A Look Back at 2022 

We started the day by looking back at our achievements in 2022.  

This year, for the first time, Vero was nominated as one of the Best Agencies to Work in Asia. It was great recognition for us in our journey to create the best place to work.  

In 2022, we continued to work towards this goal, rolling out our Unlimited Leave policy alongside an extensive travel campaign to encourage our people to take more time off and care of their wellbeing. This year our squad took a total of 2839.53 days of leave this year to enjoy themselves off work. 

We also made effort to care for future parents at Vero and launched a regional maternity and paternity leave policy that allows Vero’s soon-to-be moms and dads more time off to take care of their newborns. 

With the establishment of the Vero Vox Council – a shadow board of diverse, multigenerational team members at Vero, we are continuing to develop even more progressive programs. 

Vero Day Returned to Celebrate 2022

2022 was also an exciting year for our teams when our work across the region was nominated and won gold at many prestigious awards. In May, our ‘Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy‘ campaign won gold prize for Best Health and Pharmaceutical campaign at the Marketing Interactive Awards 2022, and later in June, our team from Thailand also won Best use of Digital (COVID-19) for the ‘Save Small Businesses’ campaign with TikTok at the PR Awards Asia. 

Despite contextual challenges, we were able to achieve a 40% growth over the year with our team of more than 200 professionals in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and now the Philippines! 

We Think This Can(nes) Win 

With all the amazing work that our people have done over the year, we dedicated a session for our team members to showcase some of their best work to the whole squad. 

In this session, each local team takes turns to present the campaigns they would put forward for an award in We Think This Can(nes) Win. Each team pitched their campaign for three minutes and team members then cast their votes for the one they liked best. The session was a great opportunity for our team members to learn more about our work across the region and show our appreciation to our colleagues. See some of the work featured in the session here.

200+ Personalities at Vero 

To wrap up the day, we spent our last session learning more about ourselves and discovering how we can put our personality traits to good use at work through the 16 personalities test

It has become normalized that company culture is designed for extroverts, while many introverts and some ambiverts struggle to find their way to fit in. At Vero we strive to create a healthy workplace for all our team, respecting personalities, and working to first understand ourselves and each other. We spent the session going through each personality type and discussing how we could make use of our strengths, what obstacles we might come across, and how we could grow in our own different ways.