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To appeal to millennials and Gen Z, we created the “Love and Care” campaign to build brand affinity and highlight Samsung’s services.

The Brief

Samsung is an innovative worldwide leader in Myanmar’s smartphone and tech industry, with more fans than its competitors.

We noticed that the company had been focusing heavily on product-centric content and saw an opportunity for Samsung to engage with consumers more meaningfully by promoting its customer service and social responsibility initiatives.

To demonstrate Samsung’s dedication to serving and taking care of its customers in Myanmar, we proposed highlighting brand affinity and the brand’s services instead of the typical product-centric materials and ads that Samsung recently generated. It was important that our campaign concepts not only increased online brand affinity, awareness, and favorable feelings but also drove tangible outcomes like more quality app users for the Samsung Members program and user-generated content praising Samsung’s customer service and corporate social responsibility efforts.

To appeal to millennials and Gen Z, we created the “Love and Care” campaign, which emphasized building brand affinity and highlighting Samsung’s services rather than just its products. This campaign did more than promote brand love; it also raised the number of users of the Samsung Members app, boosted sales, and contributed to the community through a CSR initiative.



Our “Love and Care” campaign comprises two phases centered around Myanmar cultural norms and the themes of love, warmth, and positivity. The first phase, “Love Letters,” aims to encourage people to express their love and affection more openly. The second phase, called “Thank You,” builds on this theme of expressing appreciation and compassion while positioning Samsung as a life partner to consumers. Both phases promote love, warmth, and positive feelings among people.

Phase 1: Love Letters

In Myanmar culture, expressing feelings and emotions, even to family and loved ones, is often seen as embarrassing, awkward, or uncomfortable. As a result, people may hesitate to show love and appreciation to those they care about and may keep their feelings to themselves. Our first phase of the “Love and Care” campaign aimed to address this issue by allowing Samsung users to express their love and let their loved ones know about their feelings through love letters and meaningful gifts. By encouraging people to express their love and appreciation, we hoped to strengthen relationships and spread positivity.

For “Love Letters,” we launched the campaign on Facebook with a campaign video, encouraging people to install the Samsung Members App, register as a user, and then submit their heartwarming messages to their beloved ones.

We worked with Tun Thet Aung, a tattoo artist, freelance designer, and creative calligrapher, for four weeks to compose love letters. These letters were based on participants’ submissions and sent love letters with exquisite surprise gifts to the recipients. The initiative received so much love and positive feedback from Samsung fans, claiming “Samsung is the only tech brand that cares about its users,” with lots of organic posts on social media.

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Phase 2: Thank You!

“The “Love Letters” campaign was designed to allow people of all ages to express their love to their family, friends, and partners.

The “Thank You!” campaign built on this theme by focusing on appreciation, positioning Samsung’s customer service as always available to help when needed. We created an emotional video that used the metaphor of the bond between a mother and her children or a brother and his siblings to showcase Samsung’s customer service capabilities, with the message that users can rely on Samsung’s customer service as they would on their loved ones. Our goal was to connect with our audience on a deeper level and demonstrate the importance of expressing love and appreciation and the value of reliable customer service.

We launched a CSR campaign called “Thank You!” to promote Samsung’s excellent customer service and enhance brand love. To create an open and genuine connection with our audience, we invited people with Down syndrome to participate in the campaign rather than using actors or influencers. By featuring individuals with Down syndrome in the video, we aimed to raise awareness about this condition and help to destigmatize prejudice. This emotional video was a powerful way to showcase Samsung’s customer service and commitment to care and support for all. We wanted to convey that everyone deserves love and respect, no matter their circumstances and that Samsung is there to offer support and care to those in need.

The video is linked to our CSR campaign, where customers can donate to the people in need in Myanmar. We contributed to three organizations, a Disabled Care Center, Nursing Home, and Orphanage, and supported them with the necessities.

The campaign received a lot of love and positive feedback, and we built a reliable, thoughtful brand image for Samsung in Myanmar during such a critical time in the country. Watch the donation video here).

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