Following the Myanmar military coup, the communication landscape was drastically shaken up, creating a challenge for brands and businesses to follow, much less develop plans to protect their employees and stay connected with their customers.

While COVID-19 accelerated the integration of digital games and e-commerce into the lives of people, the military coup has overturned the influencers and traditional media industries, causing a big rise in consumer activism and consumers’ social consciousness.

While 100% of state-owned print media are running, only 10% of privately-owned print media are in operation now and there has been a rise of alternative social platforms, such as Telegram Groups, Viber Communities, and Twitter since Facebook was blocked ever since the coup was staged.

This playbook outlines the recent changes in Myanmar’s communication landscape and most importantly, provides our recommendations for brands and marketers facing some of the biggest challenges of this time: reaching the right audience, targeting inaccuracy, cancel culture, and lack of high-value influencer collaborations.

Understanding these challenges and the massive changes brought by various economic, political and social factors will help us to look deeper into the lives of consumers so our communication efforts can better connect with them.

Brands need to adapt to these changes by being agile and responsive to the evolving media landscape. This means not only understanding the new platforms and channels that consumers are using but also recognizing the growing importance of social consciousness and activism among consumers. By aligning their messaging and values with these emerging consumer sentiments, brands can build stronger connections and foster loyalty.

Ultimately, we see new communication channels thriving in the future, enabling brands to reach niche audiences and make a real impact in delivering stories and influencing public opinion. Brands that can navigate these changes effectively will be better positioned to succeed in the evolving communication landscape of Myanmar.

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Myanmar communication landscape