Managing disinformation in the digital age is crucial for brands as falsehoods spread rapidly, threatening reputations and consumer trust. With misinformation becoming more prevalent online, brands must develop effective strategies to address these challenges and safeguard their integrity while maintaining a positive public image.

In this new PR Playbook, Vero reviews the types of bad actors often behind disinformation attacks—trolls, market manipulators, and unethical competitors—and offers an analysis of the three major risk zones for disinformation attacks businesses face: activities related to brands, such as product launches and brand ambassadors; activities related to corporate activity, such as mergers and acquisitions; and activities related to people, such as statements by executive leadership.

“We live in the age of disinformation, and in many situations, the bad actors have the upper hand. It is impossible to stop disinformation attacks entirely, so business and brand leaders should take a proactive approach in managing disinformation threats, carefully monitoring online conversations and communicating regularly to build trust with stakeholders in preparation for such attacks.”
– Vero CEO Brian Griffin

In addition to highlighting threats, the playbook also offers several suggestions to prepare for and manage the impact of a disinformation attack: put a crisis response team in place, review vulnerable risk zones, make a list of keywords for social listening, build a reservoir of trust with consistent and transparent communication, be prepared to debunk falsehoods, and engage social media platforms to neutralize bad actors.

Brands should establish owned media channels and use them to communicate clearly and consistently. This will help them build trust, ensuring their audience listens when they must defend themselves against rumors and false news stories. Pure and simple truth, when conveyed effectively from a trusted source, has the power to both dispel falsehoods and enhance trust, especially in this age when truth is so hard to come by.

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