Vero Vietnam Has Been Recognized as Asia’s Best Mid-Size Consultancy. Here’s How We Got There.


Vero Vietnam Has Been Recognized as Asia’s Best Mid-Size Consultancy. Here’s How We Got There.

Vero Vietnam wins PR Awards Asia - Best Med-Size Consultancy


After a decade of presence through a local partnership, Vero officially opened its office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2019. It has seen remarkable growth over the years — it now hosts about 50 talents, has conducted hundreds of collaborations with industry-leading brands, and launched new verticals. 

Since then, Vero Vietnam has conducted groundbreaking campaigns, from launching the first-ever national cultural campaign for TikTok to DORCO’s ‘All the Firsts Make the Man’ campaign, which not only helped the razor brand make a name for itself in Vietnam but also allowed Vero Vietnam to showcase its remarkable ability to sculpt enchanting narratives amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, four years since officially opening our doors here, Vero Vietnam stands with immense pride as the recipient of the prestigious PR Awards Asia-Pacific 2023 Mid-Size Consultancy Award. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication and inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and raising the bar for our industry.  

How we did it is an open secret — a strategic approach that goes beyond conventional methods and a solid drive to achieve exceptional results for every client we serve. 

But besides leading outstanding campaigns and bringing creative visions to life, it is Vero Vietnam’s forward-thinking work culture that allows our teams to think not just outside the box, but as if there is no box at all. From the unlimited leave policy and mental health support programs to the parental leave (yes, for both new mothers and fathers), Vero has redefined how Southeast Asian agencies can operate.  

Giving the #VeroSquad both freedom and a sense of ownership over their actions (it’s another open secret that we love Netflix’s No Rules Rules culture) has made sure every member of the team recognizes the intrinsic value of each role — that no task is insignificant and every individual is a vital piece of the puzzle. 

But what makes Vero Vietnam worthy of being called Asia Pacific’s best mid-size consultancy in the eyes of our team members?  

Vero Vietnam wins Mid-Size Consultancy Award at PR Awards Asia 2023


We empower relationships through trust, equality, and respect. 

Doan Nguyen Khanh Ha, IMC Account Executive 

Trust, equality, and respect are deeply ingrained in Vero’s DNA in Vietnam and beyond, which is why we’re able to maintain a healthy work culture that’s felt by our team members and clients alike. We value the relationships we forge and work to nurture a safe space where every voice is heard and every call for help is answered with compassion.  


We go beyond TikTok trends to drive purposeful campaigns. 

Nguyen Lan Trang, Senior Strategic Planner 

Our underlying principle is to guide clients in comprehending the current landscape, which goes beyond awareness of what’s happening here and now or the research and analysis we conduct. While these are essential factors, we rely just as much on insightful, human points of view as real people with real emotions who seek to enrich our understanding of others. The strategies we develop are based on our own life experiences, sympathy for clients and their audiences, and acute observations of the world around us.


We’re master dot connectors, piecing information together to shape perspectives. 

Hoang Ngoc Mai, Senior PR Account

Vero handles a lot of influential clients, so those of us who work here recognize our responsibility in shaping perspectives and impacting public opinion. In our role as “dot connectors,” we weave together threads of information, ideas, and relationships to create a tapestry of success. We guide narratives that inspire and shape perceptions with the hope of making a profound impact that resonates far beyond the moment.


We weave original ideas into extraordinary stories. 

Nguyen Thi Tuong Vy, Creative Copywriter 

We work with words every day, so we know the power they hold. For the copywriters at Vero, our goal is to inspire and captivate our audience with words that are not only creative but also accurate. These words become stories that can inspire, stir emotions, or challenge the status quo. We want our words to leave lasting impressions and make people genuinely engage with the conversations we start. We are proud that we’re doing a good job so far and will continue to do so.   


We don’t take leaps of faith — we make data-driven moves. 

Tran My Ha, Data & Insight Consultant 

Vero uses data and market insights to inform our decision-making processes, which is why we’ve always maintained a solid data and insights team. It’s a fundamental part of our approach, as it allows us to make strategic choices for the company and the brands we partner with. That’s also the reason we launched Reputation.IQ, through which we analyze data to deliver comprehensive reports that assess business performance. In this way, we continuously refine our strategies and move forward with confidence.