Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals


Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals

Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals

Crypto-currency, NFTs, blockchain, Web 3, and the metaverse are garnering more attention in our world. As such, Vero is setting its sights on the future, with two new job openings designed for communications professionals with a passion for the metaverse, digital finance, and cryptocurrency. The new metaverse and digital finance roles are a direct response to the changes taking place both culturally and economically in Southeast Asia.

Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals

Ownership in our new digital landscape  

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of Web3 is the changes it can bring to ‘ownership.’ In the past ownership has relied on tangible, physical objects, but with Web3 digital ownership signals infinite new ways that organizations can interact with people.  

“We know that this opportunity will play a crucial role in the region’s development, and as brand advisors, we want to invest in specialist profiles who will help our clients navigate the shift,.” says Vero COO Raphael Lachkar.  

Embracing new technology 

COVID-19 has played a part in societies’ increased interest in and openness towards Web3. As lockdowns kept us inside, social media, esports and online shopping took us all online as ways to cope with the restrictions. For many in Southeast Asia, cryptocurrency provides a safe way to hold and transfer money securely.  

Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals

Vero has long held an interest in the growing ecosystem of esports, publishing whitepapers exploring esports audiences and opportunities for brands in both Vietnam and Indonesia.  

“Games as services have paved the way for consumers to engage seamlessly in digital activities, based in sustained virtual environments,” adds Nguyen-Masse.  

The metaverse then is not necessarily a new concept. 

Last year, Vero launched a virtual ecosystem for fans of Dorco, to interact with art, stemming from a year-long user-generated campaign.  

“The cryptocurrency sector is consolidating and increasingly able to lobby traditional institutions and interact with society at large. Stable coins are now listed as products in major investment funds – and more companies accept payment in crypto – we think it’s going mainstream,” says Lachkar.  

Vero’s New Roles  

Both new roles at Vero deal with Web3 but live in different spaces.  

Vero Seeks Metaverse and Digital Finance Communications Professionals

For Vero, both new roles exist as continuities to existing ones. Blockchain business builds on consumer, corporate, and B2B communications and marketing opportunities, and metaverse business will build on engagement and activation services.  

“Blockchain-based technology allows for decentralized transfers of property, whilst Metaverses create venues for the property to exist. While the two roles participate to the same understanding of what Web3 can do for brands they achieve different opportunities along the way. Blockchain tech does not need to exist in a metaverse, it could structure the governance process within an organization’s ecosystem for instance. And likewise, interactions in virtual worlds, albeit rich and engaging, may not need to utilize the blockchain,” says Lachkar.  

Who is using Web3?  

For brands and consumers knowing how or where to begin with metaverse products can seem daunting. In Asia early adopters of metaverse products are in the luxury and real-estate industries, in fact, the first houses to be bought using cryptocurrency were in Ilolio, Manila, the Philippines. 

“Both luxury and real-estate products will benefit the most initially, as both rely on scarcity, which without minted ownership was impossible to achieve online before Web3,” remarks Lachkar.  

Brands from all industries are branching out into NFTs and metaverse products – Getty recently announced that it would be turning its catalogue into NFTs, Snapple is giving out NFT tokens, and Instagram is now offering NFT sharing capabilities for creators.  

At Vero, “clients are asking us to explore Web3 campaigns, and because we really appreciate these opportunities to embrace innovative technologies, we want to invest in talent. We can already see how the metaverse can add value for brands – and so we are keen to meet people with a passion for Web3,” says Griffin.  

Find out more and apply for our new roles: 

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