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TrueCaller Ramadan Campaign CASE STUDY

The Brief

Ramadan is all about family, togetherness, care, love and prioritizing kindness through generosity and charity. However, in Indonesia, scammers usually take advantage of the season by pretending to be someone victims trust and convince them to send into digitally sending money.

According to research by TrueCaller, Indonesia is one of the top six countries affected by spam calls, with an average of 14 spam calls per user per month. Working with TrueCaller in this campaign, our goal was to spread awareness to limit the chances of Indonesian consumers being scammed during such a meaningful season of the country.


We ran a social media campaign by collaborating with influencers from lifestyle, medicine, police authorities and financial institutions to educate Indonesians about spam calls, the care they should take when answering unknown caller IDs and creating more brand exposure to the market.

To elevate our message during the Ramadan festival, we worked with a total of 15 influencers from both Instagram and Twitter and provided them with a series of infographics to talk about cyber risks. Through this influencer campaign, we were able to help Indonesian consumers stay alert when they take action online. This includes online shopping, clicking unknown links, or trusting allegedly real institutions.

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