Kilian Blue Moon Ginger Dash | Influencer Campaign 

Kilian Vero

Vero created a sensory experience that depicted the essence of Kilian Blue Moon Ginger, captivating influencers, VIP clients, and consumers in Thailand.

Brand Experience/Public Relations & Influence

The Brief

To celebrate Kilian Hennessy’s 15th anniversary, Vero was tasked to lead an engaging influencer campaign featuring the exclusive Liquors Collection, spotlighting the Blue Moon Ginger Dash fragrance. This initiative was aimed at elevating brand awareness and showcasing the unique personality of Kilian’s fragrances. The goal was to create a sensory experience for influencers, VIP clients, and consumers that would inspire them to create captivating content that would position Kilian’s fragrances as a versatile and perfect on-the-go companion.

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To highlight Kilian’s brand essence and create a personalized, immersive experience for all the guests, Vero conducted scent consultations at KP SVB AP HPP, where Kilian fragrance experts provided private consultations to customers and influencers on the specific scents that best fit their personalities, aspirations, and preferences. 

The presence of prominent Thai celebrities at the event further elevated its impact, as they enthusiastically engaged with the experience and shared compelling digital content across their social media platforms. Their involvement not only expanded the launch’s reach but also reinforced the brand’s connection with a broader audience, showcasing the allure and sophistication of Kilian’s fragrances in a highly influential manner. 

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