Bilibili Watch Party with Andre Knite

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To appeal to millennials and Gen Z, we created the “Love and Care” campaign to build brand affinity and highlight Samsung’s services.

The Brief

Bilibili is China’s leading ACG (“Anime, Comics, and Gaming”) video community that provides full-spectrum content serving diverse interests. It is known as an online home for anime, comic, and gaming fans, not only in the country, but also around the world.

When Bilibili came to the Philippines, Vero was tasked with increasing follower growth on local social media channels by promoting its Summer Anime Releases.

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In recent years, the Philippines has come to be known as the social media capital of the world due to the number of active social media users and the hours spent using mobile apps. It is for this reason, that the term “Pinoy baiting” was created. “Pinoy baiting” is an online Filipino cultural reference to attract more engagement. The “Pinoy baiting” strategy requires influencers to interact with Pinoy audiences and create more content about the Philippines. This is one of the main reasons why influencer marketing is such a hit for local and international campaigns.

The Summer Anime Release is a major event in the anime world, where specific well-loved anime titles are launched for viewing. To help boost Bilibili’s social media growth in the Philippines, and as part of its Summer Anime Release campaign, we worked with Andre Knite (they/them), a professional cosplayer, model, and streamer, to throw a watch party on Bilibili Philippines Facebook page.

Knite’s debut at Bilibili’s Facebook watch party was a hit, driving many people to sign up and use the platform.


We chose Andre Knite as our influencer for the campaign because of their popularity in Southeast Asia’s anime scene and the way they engage with their fans on social media. Anime fans deem Andre Knite as friendly and down-to-earth, which matches perfectly with Bilibili’s fun, outgoing personality.

Despite being an experienced streamer with many social media channels, this collaboration was Knite’s first takeover.

We granted Knite access to Bilibili’s Facebook page and let them stream on the platform as if it were their own. During the takeover, viewers interacted with Knite and watched the new episode of “The Devil is a Part-timer.” It was an intimate and exciting experience for Knite’s fans and Bilibilivers.

To make the watch party even more fun and engaging, we also had mini games where viewers engaged through chat box to win special prizes and giveaways from Bilibili.​

With Knite’s existing influence in the anime community, the live stream was a success. We were able to reach more than 500,000 people on the platform without any paid ads.

Choosing Knite as our influencer was pivotal for the brand and helped establish our presence in the Philippines. People who did not know about Bilibili before discovered how powerful the platform is for anime, comics, and gaming content.


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