In recent years, esports has developed into a highly influential platform in Vietnam through which people create identities, establish online presences, and connect with the outside world.

A third of the population here now plays esports games, from mobile players sneaking a quick round on their lunch breaks to pro gamers training for international competitions. The growth of esports as a culture has also made it a strong platform for Key Opinion Leaders to establish and grow their online presence, and it has great potential for brands to creatively reach out to their target audiences. The esports ecosystem offers a large set of consumer demographic data for brands to develop effective marketing strategies.

This opens multiple opportunities for brands to join the battle. In an age characterized by both hyper-individualism and hyperconnectivity, brands need to be more empathetic and ready to adapt to the fast-changing cultural spheres.

Vero and market research firm Decision Lab share a vision to help brands connect with modern consumers in innovative ways. As such, we have partnered up to combine their research capabilities and Vero’s brand consulting teams to create this white paper that explores the esports landscape in Vietnam.

Download the full white paper for free here.

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