Vero’s New Reputation.IQ To Help Brands Create Powerful Data-Led Strategies


Vero’s New Reputation.IQ To Help Brands Create Powerful Data-Led Strategies

Meet Reputation.IQ

Vero is announcing the launch of Reputation.IQ, a new digital tool designed to help brands and companies in Southeast Asia put data at the heart of their decision-making.  

Reputation.IQ leverages qualitative and quantitative survey data and information from social listening tools to create a set of evaluation criteria that analyzes brand reputation, sentiment, futureproofing, and brand behavior. This data is then analyzed by Vero experts and delivered to brands via a comprehensive report that focuses on how a company or organization is perceived and how its reputation impacts its business performance.   

Four Key Areas of Reputation Assessment

Vero’s Reputation.IQ tool looks at four key aspects of a brand’s reputation:

  • Brand communications – what are consumers saying about the brand? What is their emotional connection to the brand’s messaging, relevance, and creativity?
  • Brand experience – what do consumers feel about the brand’s products, reliability, and pricing?
  • Brand reputation – what is the brand’s impact on society and culture? What are its ethical principles? And do consumers trust its values, authenticity, and communication?
  • Brand behaviors – how is the brand futureproofing its activities through innovative communications and/or activities?

“Data is often approached in isolation from other company or audience needs, but with Reputation.IQ we aim to bridge these gaps,” said Thach Nguyen, Director of the Data & Insights team at Vero. “Using thorough data analysis from our experts, brands can better understand their strengths and weaknesses. This report is a critical first step toward future growth strategies. We believe Reputation. IQ’s data will transform brand communications and empower businesses to do more data-driven planning.”

Reputation.IQ is customizable to meet the unique needs of clients across different verticals. Vero’s experienced local and multinational research consultants will advise on the customization process, ensuring consistency in scoring and benchmarking. Companies will gain an in-depth analysis of their brand’s reputation across various vital metrics, including social media sentiment, media coverage, and customer feedback.

Insights and Recommendations

With Reputation.IQ’s easy-to-digest data report, brands and businesses will receive insights and recommendations from digital analysts in Vero’s regional Strategy Planning teams who are experts in both their respective business landscapes and local consumer behavior. These strategic recommendations are intended to help companies make informed decisions and design powerful data-led strategies.

The final report pairs visual stories behind each data point with clear steps to enhance the brand’s reputation.

“We’ve designed Reputation.IQ to be highly comprehensive, so the report can be used to evaluate any brand in any industry,” said Skylar Thwe, VP of Insights and Performance Media at Vero. “We’re confident that this product will significantly impact clients’ bottom lines, elevate their brand reputations to new heights, and help them achieve their desired outcomes by providing data-driven insights and actionable recommendations.”