The Vero Agency 10th Anniversary


The Vero Agency 10th Anniversary

Vero celebrates 10 years

We held a major birthday party in Bangkok last week.

Vero celebrated its 10th year of business in Thailand. With 50 team members across the region, a roster of some of the world’s greatest brands, offices in three countries and a growing offering of modern marketing services, Vero today is a market leader in Thailand and a contender in the ASEAN region.

It wasn’t always easy. We started as a team of four, working in a single room – and faced a host of external challenges from the 2007 global financial crisis to street protests in 2010 and again in 2013 to tremendous floods in 2011 that caused many to evacuate Bangkok.

However, within a few years, Vero had begun to earn the trust of clients and the agency started gaining momentum.

There are thousands of small decisions that go into the making of an agency. But there are a few of them that stand out as most important. First, we chose the name Vero because of its Latin connection to words that communicate trust and veracity. And not only did we choose this as a name, but we also consider trust a critical factor in our business. At a time when programmatic advertising and digital media buys are under intense scrutiny, Vero has benefited from our complete commitment to transparency in how we budget our clients ad spends.

Another important decision has been our embrace of change. The marketing services industry is being transformed (and disrupted) and only by embracing marketing technology and the changes in the media landscape to its fullest have we been able to maximize our opportunities. Facebook’s recent decision to add Vero to their agency partners program in Asia Pacific is a testament to this evolution.

And finally, the decision to focus all of our resources on Southeast Asia has put us in position to benefits from this region’s success and growth. The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab has said ASEAN will be the world’s most dynamic economic regions for the next 10 to 20 years, and given the hardworking people in this region and the commitments to growth, we believe this will be true.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our clients. As an agency, we would be nowhere without them. We appreciate their trust and investment into our business and ideas.

And last, but certainly not least, we must recognize all of the Vero people whose hard work, creativity, expertise and teamwork have made it possible for Vero to reach its 10th anniversary. To each of you we say thank you for your commitment to support each other, and to creating excellence for our clients.

The last 10 years at Vero represented a great journey together. Now we look ahead to the next 10 years!