The 5 things about Public Relations in Vietnam that you need to know


The 5 things about Public Relations in Vietnam that you need to know

The 5 Things about Public Relations in Vietnam that you need to know

As 2015 just turns around the corner, many opportunities (and hindrances) are opened for businesses in Vietnam, and public relations has been known as an effective way to boost your business and reputation, here are the top 5 things about PR in Vietnam to look out in 2015.


A couple years ago, social media was for the young generation only. Now, the internet penetration reaches 85% of the population, and almost 80% of the internet users utilize social media multiple times a day. Moreover, a number of journalists in Vietnam mirror the global trend to take information directly from social media and adapt it into a traditional media article. Social media becomes the most prominent channels to reach out and to monitor target audiences in any PR effort.

PR 2.0.

PR 1.0. is the traditional way of media relations, KOL relations and reaching out through the middlemen. PR 2.0. is expanding the concept to community relations and blogger relations. Social media has given businesses the power to reach out to the target audience directly.

PR 2.0. also stresses the importance of being proactive. The days of pushing out a press release and waiting for coverage are long past. PR 2.0. takes a proactive approach to using social media streams to engage with influencers of all types – media; enthusiasts; customers and niche experts.


Recent years see a number of crises for both international and local companies. There are crises from overseas that affect the local branches, like Malaysian Airlines or Air Asia incidents. There are domestic crises like those of The Voice, Vietnam Airlines or Danlait that stirred the public for quite some time. People now are more sensitive to crises. Empowered by social media, everyone becomes more influential, especially in the times of crisis, when one piece of opinion can echo and make an impact on a business’s reputation. How PR prepares for a crisis, and how promptly and tactfully PR reacts to one, are key to drive a business through the stormy times. It is never than before that PR is considered one of the most valuable assets of a company.


With the presence of more than 200 PR companies in Vietnam, there are a plethora of advertorials and PR tactics implemented out there daily. There is a common saying, “It is just another PR tactic”; and the speaker always means in a bad way. Companies, together with their PR partners, need to get their creativity going to get out of the huge mass of everyday PR, and to actually deliver the message to the target audience.


Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in the region, with a steady increase in foreign-invested firms every year. These companies need to build a strong brand image in the country, among many established local and foreign firms. This trend creates an ideal opportunity for the PR industry to grow, and also a healthy competition of the PR firms to quickly and truly grasp the needs and company missions of the newcomers.