The Vero Sharing Campaign


The Vero Sharing Campaign

Vero Care

This week, Vero launched the first phase of a campaign designed to give back to good causes in Southeast Asia, making donations to humanitarian-aid and sustainable development organizations with the goal of helping those in need.

Our inspiration comes from a desire to help those people who need support in the ASEAN region.

We are also inspired by other people who give. This includes everyday folks in Myanmar who are, statistically, among the most generous givers and sharers in the world.

According to the World Giving Index 2018, Myanmar claims the title of the world’s most generous country in the world with a 91 percent generosity rating, beating out top global economies when it comes to giving.

“The fact is that Myanmar, despite its obvious challenges, is at heart a nation of people who donate the money they have to help others,” said Ms. Win Min, an account manager with Vero’s office in Yangon who helped to organize the campaign. “Even if they don’t have much, even when they face hardships, the regular people of Myanmar give – it’s what they do – and global rankings back this up.”

Vero began the campaign with a simple premise: Let’s find good charities we can help with small financial contributions. As a result, the donations we made support education, women’s empowerment, healthcare and poverty eradication along with a number of other social causes.

So far, Vero contributed to Myanmar Seeds, Myanmar Free Ambulance, Prospect Burma, the Women’s Resource Center and Hands Around the World.

Myanmar Seeds is a Swiss non-profit organization supporting environmentally sustainable economic development in Myanmar. The Myanmar Free Ambulance foundation sponsors rural volunteer ambulance and rescue services. Prospect Burma offers transformative education to eligible Myanmar students, regardless of religious or ethnic background. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) provides access to education and counselling to women and girls. Hands Across the World (HATW) is a non-profit organization offering quality education to students and equipping teachers with tools to help their students.

This sharing campaign is an initiative Vero plans to continue in Southeast Asia. The region has provided tremendous opportunity for our agency, and it is our obligation to give back and help those in need in all of the ASEAN countries.