The First Inaugural Vero Day: What it means and why we are doing it

One of Vero’s highest values is curiosity. We’ve always seen curiosity as an essential ingredient in our best work and our company culture alike.

As creative professionals, it’s crucial to care to know what we don’t yet understand.

And yet, being in a fast-paced business, making the time to delve into new ideas to satisfy our curiosity is sometimes challenging.

Faced with so many obligations, taking the time to observe and ask good questions about a whole bevy of new topics and ideas is limited.

It’s this challenge that is among the reasons we were inspired to launch our first Vero Day.

Powered by our Vero Culture team, Vero day is a day dedicated to curiosity – and gaining a better understanding of what we do not yet understand.

The goal of Vero day is to fully disconnect from our day-to-day responsibilities to the greatest extent possible – and fully commit to a day of learning, sharing, gaining inspiration for new ideas – and in short, satisfying our curiosity as much as we can in a single day of seminars and discussions.

This year, seeing the pandemic recede, Vero has shifted its practice of quarterly regional Town Halls to this concept of a new, more focused bi-annual Vero Day. The need to foster connections and convergence more frequently among the five Vero offices has evolved towards a need to strategize and inspire more broadly.

While Vero Town Hall allowed us to share operational insights and shed light on resilient team members in 2021, leadership is taking a new shape in 2022. With a roadmap towards more engagement and inclusion in strategic decision-making, Vero will convene its 160+ people across Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam in a one-day seminar, this 28th April 2022.

Vero Day Plans 

Firstly, Vero announced its new governance structure including a Shadow Board of Next Gen team members. We also onboarded our team members with a participative workshop designed to enrich Vero’s leadership handbook. 

The First Inaugural Vero Day: What it means and why we are doing it

Then, building on the value of Curiosity, Vero invited team members to experiment hands-on with web3 and NFT transactions – facilitated by web3 community leader and creative director of The Lab Saigon Tuan Le, aiming to build an advanced understanding and firsthand experience of the upcoming marketing landscape. Furthermore, to reinforce its unique identity in the market and develop excellence among teams, Vero trained its members in a refreshed pitching approach, led by Sasha Alwani.  

The First Inaugural Vero Day: What it means and why we are doing it

To cap the day with progressive thinking workshops, Vero members joined a Virtual Art Walk dedicated to Southeast Asian contemporary arts, facilitated by Kittima Chareepasit, a Thai curator; and heard from Quentin Molina, a seasoned film producer (ex-Studio Canal) who shared his experiences in putting together compelling stories and the challenges of pitching story-based products to diverse audiences.  

Vero Day was a hybrid event, with on-site activities in each office broadcasted to the others, and social activities conducted with wellness in focus. 

On Vero Day, all team members logged off, joining each Vero hub with a no-laptop policy, only reachable by phone for emergencies, as clients remain a priority.  

The First Inaugural Vero Day: What it means and why we are doing it