Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Agency


Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Agency

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As your business expands and continues to grow in this ever-evolving digital landscape, there comes a tough decision to make on how social and digital marketing efforts should be handled. Should an in-house team be hired? Or a marketing agency? Getting this decision right is critical considering that social media accounts for a majority of today’s sales funnel.

Here are three key reasons why an agency just like Vero can be a clever choice -particularly for those companies that need to build a sustainable digital lead generation pipeline that delivers ROI fast.


When you hire the right agency, a dynamic range of strategic, creative and technology skills would be provided to deliver stunning, impactful campaigns. In addition to this, members of an agency tend to be on top of all the current trends on what’s happening in the industry, what’s hot on social and tech, and how to create and distribute content that will amplify the brand. What’s more, the opportunity for creativity and out of the box thinking is ingrained in the agency culture as the brand will be viewed from an outside perspective.

Whether it be community management, paid media, influencer engagement, search, video and immersive content, an experienced and future-orientated agency will be able to identify the right balance of activities tailored to specific brand personalities to maximize exposure and results. This art of orchestrating content, activities and communities is done best by agencies due to their immersion in everyday social media and digital trends across the globe.

The team at Vero know the value of dialog and how to help brands sustain conversations with their audiences over the long haul. In addition to this, the team serves the digital needs that are so important for clients to win today. Our team is comprised of digital and social strategists, paid specialists, creatives, content developers, brand journalists and media relationship managers who work collaboratively to bring out and deliver the top performing marketing campaigns in Southeast Asia.


There are over 3000+ marketing technologies available out there whether it be to track metrics and health of marketing campaigns to scheduling and distributing content. The question for in-house marketers is which to pick? Which is reliable? Which is cost efficient? And in which combination to use them? It is quite common to see in large organizations the division between the IT department and the marketing team which could lead to gaps in the use of technology in aiding marketing campaign and efforts. These marketing tools and technologies are crucial in increasing productivity, efficiency and health of marketing campaigns and marketing agencies know which technology is reliable and in which combination to use them.

The team at Vero uses advanced marketing automation, scheduling and analytics tools that combine to deliver insightful results that can be used to make smart decisions to achieve key results. This also enables us to constantly optimize campaigns, drive engagement and generate quality leads for businesses.


Marketing efforts must adapt with technology and trends on social media. Risks must be taken to stand out especially in this modern age where technology and new trends are evolving on an exponential basis. This can be quite overwhelming for an in-house team and additionally if your brand is recognized globally, a local marketing team or agency can play a huge role in engaging with key demographics. You don’t have to train your existing staff members because the agency that you hire has the depth and breadth of skills needed!

In addition to this, hiring an in-house marketing team can be an expensive option. In comparison, marketing agency resources do not require a full-time salary, benefits and other overhead costs.

At Vero, we are all about the ASEAN region and the network we have built across the region enable us to orchestrate tailored and localized campaign to each specific market. This allows us to deliver marketing campaigns that really makes and impact and touches the heart of locals and targeted demographics.


By collaborating and outsourcing some or all your marketing, you will have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of trained professionals and advanced marketing technology. The ideal situation to have when working with an agency is to have a key contact person who can provide the agency with a sense of direction whether it be brand guidelines, key messaging, content and targeting. From then on, the creatives, strategists and digital executives here at Vero can take charge and deliver a stellar marketing campaign.