Podcasts in Thailand: The New Kid on the Block


Podcasts in Thailand: The New Kid on the Block

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In an era where nearly all marketing technology points towards digital, it’s time for agencies and clients in Thailand and the wider ASEAN region to start thinking about podcasts as a new channel to reach customers.

For anyone unfamiliar with podcasts, they are basically audio shows, usually produced in a series of episodes which listeners can access online or download for offline listening.

Podcasts provides a variety of content and topics ranging from informal education, news, entertainment to politics. The shows are usually narrated in a talk-show format with a single or multiple hosts and guests. Today, podcasts are produced in more than 100 languages worldwide, and they are all more or less unfiltered.

The advantages of podcasts over regular radio are numerous. One major advantage is that people can listen to and retrieve podcasts content on demand. They do not need to wait for specific times for given shows as we do on FM/AM radio shows. A survey from Edison Research which targeted nearly 1,000 podcast listeners, indicated that 71 percent of people cited this factor as very important – the reason why they prefer podcast over live radio shows. Fans of podcasts never need to miss a show, and as a result, can develop high levels of loyalty to shows and show hosts.

Content on podcasts typically focuses on niche audiences with specific interests. This allows podcast creators to build a community. In Thailand, podcasts are growing. Below we highlight a few that are worth considering for engagement.

1. Carpe Diem

This weekly show is created by The Momentum Podcast Network. The hosts, a well-known editor and a S.E.A. Write Award winning author, focuses on self-help stories and life experiences. This channel is the second most popular channel from The Momentum Network with more than 8,000 downloads weekly.

2. Eargasm

The Momentum Podcast Network creates this weekly show for music lovers. There is a musical guest weekly to talk about their music experience and perform live in a studio. For music lovers, particularly those who enjoy rock or pop music, this show has everything.

3. Hollywood Insider

The weekly show from The Momentum Podcast Network discusses movies and Hollywood stars. Hosted by Hollywood Reporter Magazine’s editors, this show is a good companion for movie fanatics.

4. What Do You Say

This bilingual show picks up different topics regarding communicating in the English language. The hosts discuss about tips and techniques on how to use English effectively for everyone, in any situation.

5. The Money Coach

This weekly channel is an online financial assistant for anyone who wants to have a well-managed life. The hosts talk, counsel and suggest the ways to achieve financial wellness and values of efficiency. This is the most listened show from The Momentum Podcast Network generating more than 10,000 downloads weekly.

6. Dhamma Talks

This channel offers Dhamma, Lord Buddha’s teaching told by Venerable Pramote Pamojjo. He is a master of mindfulness and Vipassana meditation. Among Top 10 most listened to Podcast channels in Thailand, Dhamma Talks dominates the weekly chart including the most listened episode.

7. WiTcast

This channel talks about everything related to science in sophisticated and humorous ways. The bi-weekly show is hosted by a TV personality and author, Tantai Prasertkul. The show is set in a low-key vibe with rotating guests. Distance Learning Information Technology under Ministry of Education features this podcast channel as part of its curriculum.

8. Bangkoknoi Book Review

This podcast channel criticizes Thai and translated books, both fiction and non-fiction. The review is based on content, style, and opinion of the host. This podcast channel is another medium for the bookworm community.

9. Omnivore

When two famous writers collide as podcast hosts, an enjoyable debate begins. The two hosts are friends who have different perspectives. Each week they pick a trending topic to discuss, backed up with theory and history.

10. BonPodcast

Bon Parisa Jakobson is dubbed as Thailand’s first online TV personality. She currently serves as a news anchor on Workpoint TV and event emcee. In BonPodcast, she talks about self-help improvement, beauty, life tips and interviews with celebrities. Her show is also posted on her Youtube channel, Bon On Stage.

In addition, expats in Thailand are key podcast producers who talk about Thailand in many different perspectives. The topics range from life in Thailand to arts and hilarious stories. Here are some entertaining podcast shows by expats.

1. The Bangkok Podcast

This weekly podcast channel allows audience, both Thais and others, to see Thailand and its culture through local foreigners’ eyes. The show is a discussion style hosted by Greg Jorgensen and Evo Terra. The latter is acclaimed as one of the experts in podcast production.

2. Brewed in Bangkok

Karsten Aichholz, a technology entrepreneur, hosts a monthly podcast show about interesting people in Thailand. He has different guests, mostly other expats, sharing experience and their time in Thailand. It is not actually related to beer and brewery as you may have assumed.

3. Poet in Bangkok

This podcast channel focuses on culture and an aesthete. Colin Cheney and Donald Quist talk over poetry, arts scene as well as the changing of arts in Thailand. They also interview people who are in the industry including film makers and theater.

As businesses turn away from traditional advertising, podcasts deserve consideration as a new way to reach people. Podcasters have unique, intimate relationships with their listeners, which makes podcasters important influencers in their own right. Podcasts are an especially viable channel for digital businesses. Any app or e-commerce platform seeking to generate leads and conversions should absolutely begin adding podcasts to their marketing mix.

Akkarat Katakul is a Brand Journalist at Vero PR. He supports the account team in content development.