Creating a winning lead generation program in Thailand


Creating a winning lead generation program in Thailand

Winning Lead Generation in Thailand

Smart phone penetration is nearing 100%, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn growth is steady and analytics give us a whole new understanding of target potential. Altogether, there has never been a better time to coordinate lead generation campaigns in Thailand.

Below are some insights we’ve collected over the last year – we hope this helps with your lead generation efforts. Digital and social lead generation is fast, efficient and hands down the best way to create quality leads fast.

Content: Make it educational, eye catching, have a strong call-to-action, engage, and make it sharable. Given the right content, Thai engagement levels can be good (and our experience in Myanmar is that engagement levels can go through the roof.)

Video content: According to Facebook’s announcement this week, 4 billion videos stream on Facebook daily so pushing out video contents is ideal. Keep it short, easy to understand and add some humor if possible. Focus on creating something shareable.

Landing page: This is crucial. Make it responsive and easy to navigate, focus on making potential leads comfortable, educate leads, but don’t overwhelm with text. Drive them to complete forms. Try info graphics and real local testimonials to boost conversion rates.

Conversion tracking pixel (code) – Always use this. Install conversion tracking pixel on your website to be able to track the success or failure of your campaign based on actual results.

Look-a-like audience: Other than targeting prospects by age, gender, job position and precise interests, Look-a-like targeting method helps advertisers to reach people who are similar to their current customers for website visits, website conversions and etc.

Re-marketing: Convince users to come back to your website to complete the form. Show your ad to people who are genuinely interested in your business. Most importantly, it helps lower the cost per click.