Meet the Vero Squad – Do Duy Quang


Meet the Vero Squad – Do Duy Quang

Meet the Vero Squad – Do Duy Quang

Do Duy Quang, Sr. IMC Account Manager, Vietnam

“Knowing what I want and chasing it has always been important to me”

How did you become an Account Manager at Vero?

Knowing what I want and chasing it has always been important to me. Before Vero, I worked as a freelancer, planning and executing communication campaigns for different clients on my own and learning by doing. It was good experience and required me to be self-motivated, but I realized I still have room to grow and that some things are better to learn from others with more experience in the industry. That led me to seek a job as an account manager, and eventually brought me to Vero.

What do you feel sets the agency apart?

The people and culture are the most important factors to me. I’ve learned a lot from my Line Manager, from his management skills to his expertise and inspiration. I also learn from my colleagues’ expertise and work methods. In short, people are always willing to share their knowledge here because we’re working together, not competing.

It’s also a very supportive atmosphere. All employees have an annual training budget, and I feel like we have equal development opportunities regardless of our title, age, or gender. The physical and mental health programs are also a nice bonus that shows the company cares about us.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy coming to work every day because it’s a great community. We are colleagues during the workday, but friends the rest of the time. Outside of work, we play board games and badminton, and we go to karaoke together. And I love seeing the team develop over time. Some of those who started fresh as account executives are now independently leading their own teams and carrying out great campaigns. We inspire each other with our ambition and creativity.

What is your most unforgettable memory as an Account Manager?

At Vero, we have so many cool projects to work on from interesting clients. In my time here, we’ve done everything from creating AR filters to working with skincare influencers, but the most memorable was definitely working on the campaign for Daikin where I led a large-scale video production in Hung Yen, Vietnam.

We had to manage several different parties, including a well-known music producer, two production houses, a Japanese dance group, a Vietnamese dance group, and 100 factory workers to produce two videos in less than a month. I constantly had to make quick decisions involving multiple factors and rely on the support of the whole team. The project was challenging but super exciting and rewarding when it all came together. When the campaign was nominated for a regional award, I felt like my hard work was validated.