How Big Data Can Influence your Marketing Campaign

For some of us the term Big Data sounds scary and overwhelming. We associate it with substantial mathematical equations and analytics that will precisely determine particular business actions.

Spotify has recently launched their largest global campaign yet – boldly saying ‘Thanks 2016, it’s been weird’. The adverts contain messages from Spotify, driven by data obtained from listeners and pop-culture topics in 2016.

There are several versions of the advert which has been localized and rolled out across 14 markets including the US, UK, France and Germany.

A UK billboard reads: “Dear 3,749 people who streamed ‘It’s The End of the World As We Know It’ the day of the Brexit Vote. Hang in There”

Another billboard in New York City reads: “Dear person who played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do?

Big Data Marketing Campaign Spotify|Spotify Advertisement 1|Spotify Advertisement 2|Spotify Advertisement 3

What Spotify’s in-house marketing team were able to do was to completely change the way Big Data is used and perceived and creatively use Big Data as a means to generate attention grabbing adverts through the use of humorous facts.

Spotify’s chief marketing officer, Seth Farbman said

“There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head. For us, data inspires and gives as insight into the emotion that people are expressing”

The dynamic of this campaign was what brought it huge success – from the comedy, the data, and the quirky tagline.