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Influencing policy landscape
in Vietnam.

Public Affairs is a crucial component of business success in Vietnam. 

Across a variety of sectors, it’s vital to understand the Vietnamese government’s ambitions and goals to align what is best for the private sector along with what is best for Vietnam’s national interests. 

Vero understands how to help corporations, non-profit organizations, trade groups, and educational institutions achieve their policy, legislative and regulatory objectives by shaping strategies to reach and inform key decision-makers and key opinion leaders.

We have a developed methodology specifically for Vietnam that combines relationship building, traditional media, digital media, and influencer outreach with the latest digital advocacy tools. 

What we do:  

Government relations 

Vero’s Public Affairs experts have established and maintained an expansive network of government officials. We make regular communication with government authorities to educate policymakers on the impact of proposed legislation, regulation, and policymakers’ constituents. 

We use our expertise to navigate changes to the economic and business landscape, pursue success in advocacy, and build important coalitions. 

Public policy advocacy 

Public policy advocacy includes a wide range of activities that influence decision-makers. We take on traditional activities such as litigating, lobbying, and influencing the public. Advocacy can also include capacity building, relationship building, network forming, and leadership development.  

Businesses and organizations often deal with political and policy risks. It is our job to protect your political and legislative interests. 

Policy research & trend analysis 

Our analysts regularly monitor and summarize policy or regulatory changes, analyzing impact using our social listening tools, across differing scales.  More importantly, we observe and make predictions on upcoming and future trends. 

Any policy updates, regulatory framework developments, or personnel changes can affect business. We provide detailed analysis with insights that can help better develop strategy, training, approach, and engagement. 

Political strategy 

In order to positively impact policy for organizations, there is a need for corporations, or institutions to become politically minded and take an active interest in policymaking. Vero provides organizations with the best strategies, across a variety of different platforms to engage and influence policymakers, making it easier to achieve your goals.  

Stakeholder mapping & engagement strategy 

When it comes to expanding a new project or investing in a new market, companies are often lost in determining whom to talk to at a policy level. Vero’s Public Affairs team will help put together a stakeholder and engagement strategy to help start conversations with the right people. 

Political intelligence 

We gather and analyze information on any political matters that could affect business operations and development. Many factors are considered during the process of decision-making. We make sure that the most comprehensive and accurate information is available. Vero’s team prepares political intelligence analysis based on multiple public resources; from media to published data, personnel backgrounds, political opinions, actions and plans, political influencers, government agencies, and civil society organizations.  

 Meeting facilitation, direct interest representation 

Face-to-face communication is very important and plays an indispensable part in business negotiations. Vero connects organizations with relevant stakeholders to organize meetings that serve organizational purpose and enhance reputation and market proposition. We capitalize on our resources to involve government stakeholders in CSR and other media activities to better government relations and policy advocacy. 

We are also able to represent organizations and their message in front of government officials. 

Public affairs training 

For companies who want to build in-house team capacity, our experts can provide expert training to keep them up to date with the latest practice, as well as helping them enhance their skills in: 

  • Stakeholder communication
  • Approach methods 
  • Advocacy strategy 
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Regulatory impact analysis