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Now more than ever, a brand’s reputation is fragmented across various platforms and a seemingly endless number of influencers. For this reason, brands should monitor and process in real-time what is being said about their actions and messages, whether it’s said by social media users or established editorial teams.

To enable monitoring at this scale, all Vero consultants are equipped with industry-leading sentiment analysis dashboards that give them immediate access to the millions of conversations taking place around the brands they advise, both online and in the press.

From PR to creative; across media engagement, crisis communication, and social creative work; and in all the languages spoken in the markets where we operate – data informs and supports all the decisions our consultants make and provides our clients with near-instant access to their brands’ evolving reputations.

In support of our brand consultants, Vero’s Research and Intelligence Team works to ensure we learn as much as we can from the data we mine. It also takes on large-scale consumer and brand research projects, rolling out a set of research tools to enable detailed insights into the behaviors of our client’s customers and audiences.