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Vero creates and manages social and digital campaigns for clients across Southeast Asia. This includes both multi-market campaigns and single market campaigns for brands. As a PR agency, Vero has invested to provide the same creative, planning, content and paid media capabilities as a hard-core social media and digital agency.

Vero’s singular focus on Southeast Asia allows us to help clients navigate new frontiers for this region.

Today, 12 years after launching Vero as a PR agency, 75 percent of our business is social and digital, and our aim is to be the best independent, fully integrated PR and digital agency in the ASEAN region. Our local teams are able to capture current trends in each market and quickly adapt content and digital marketing activities in order to capitalize on trends, buzz and top stories. In addition to this we emphasize heavily on localizing content we create for each respective region, instead of a simple translation. This is extremely powerful for brands looking to run multi-market campaigns as the target audiences and potential customers will be able to relate to the brand more closely.

Vero currently leads and manages social and digital campaigns for clients in six ASEAN markets through our own offices and through partners.