Vero’s New Mobility Practice Helps Brands Capitalize On Southeast Asia’s Booming Industries


Vero’s New Mobility Practice Helps Brands Capitalize On Southeast Asia’s Booming Industries

Vero is announcing the launch of its multi-market team specialized in Automotive, Ride-Hailing and Travel Industries.  

With a team of 10 mobility experts, and co-leaders across Vietnam and Thailand, the new practice aims to help brands tap into cutting-edge solutions and strategies to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of mobility in the region.
The new practice builds on Vero’s extensive experience servicing leading Mobility actors. Its goal is to help brands involved in the mobility sector, spanning across automotive, logistics, travel and hospitality, travel-tech, and ride-hailing industries, tap into bespoke capabilities to navigate the fast-evolving and highly competitive landscape of the mobility industry in Southeast Asia.

“The growth of the automotive, ride-hailing, and travel industries in ASEAN presents a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this exciting market. As technology continues to shape how people move and travel, we expect to see even more demand for innovative solutions and strategies to navigate the fast-evolving tech and mobility landscape,” said Tran Kim Hoang Yen, Co-leader of Vero’s Vietnam Tech & Mobility practice. “Our new regional Mobility practice brings together a dedicated set of analysts within Vero’s regional IQ team who are committed to researching and publishing consumer and industry insights on the future of mobility, encompassing automotive, travel, tech mobility, and logistics. By leveraging our local and international experience, we are confident that we can help our clients succeed in this dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape.”

The new practice will be co-led by leaders across Vietnam and Thailand, with Prangthong Jitcharoenkul and Wiwat Khamsawai co-leading the Thai practice. “We are excited to bring our extensive experience in the mobility industry to Vero’s new regional Mobility practice,” said Prangthong Jitcharoenkul. “The reality is that the pandemic has accelerated disruption and transformed the mobility sector in ASEAN, leading to a surge in technology usage for travel, a significant shift in consumer preferences concerning destinations and trip planning, and a heightened focus on sustainability and environmental issues leading to a growing demand for greener transportation options among consumers” she added.

The new practice’s goal is to leverage industry-leading capabilities to help brands stay ahead of the curve in Southeast Asia’s fast-evolving and highly competitive mobility industry. “As PR and strategic communications consultants, we are especially well-suited to advise disruptors and innovators, as their reputation is constantly on the line. As they challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what’s possible, effective communication and reputation management become critical for building trust with customers, investors, and the wider public. A well-executed PR strategy can help build and maintain a positive reputation, communicate the vision and value proposition effectively, and gain support from key stakeholders,” said Wiwat Khamsawai. “Our team of experienced consultants and analysts will work closely with clients to develop and execute communications strategies that help them build and maintain a positive reputation, communicate their vision and value proposition effectively, and gain support from key stakeholders.”

Vero’s new regional Mobility practice marks a significant milestone for the agency as it continues to expand its capabilities and services to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

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