Vero Launches Rover, an AI-First Agency Serving Clients in Southeast Asia


Vero Launches Rover, an AI-First Agency Serving Clients in Southeast Asia

Rover - AI-first agency SEA


Vero, a leading communications consultancy in Southeast Asia, is today launching an AI-first PR agency called Rover. The new agency will act as an incubator for AI-powered brand campaigns and processes, producing work for new and existing clients and seeking partnerships with other AI-focused stakeholders in the PR industry, including AI-applications, trade groups, non-profits, academics, and thought leaders. It will operate alongside Vero’s existing offices in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  

Vero has already integrated generative AI tools into its creative, content, data, and planning processes. The launch of Rover sees Vero invest further in AI capabilities to accelerate and diversify its internal learning and client offerings. 

Rover is spearheaded by Founding VPs Skylar Thwe and Hong Phuc Ngo and will launch with a collective of practitioners made up of consultants, creatives, planners, media relations specialists, editors, strategists, data analysts, and media buyers.    

Discussing Rover’s plans, Skylar says, “We believe that a dedicated AI agency built from scratch is the best way for us to accelerate our learning and to share it with colleagues and clients.” 

Rover provides a wide range of PR and Creative services for clients across sectors, leveraging AI-powered tools to improve workflow efficiency, digital content, and output accuracy.  The agency is also equipped to provide AI consulting and literacy training for brands seeking to embed best practices for AI within their organizations and in-house communications and marketing teams. 

“AI technology is now ripe. Brands using artificial intelligence to amplify human creativity are empowered to tell bigger and bolder stories, so PR and communications agencies must be fluent in AI to accompany their clients on this journey,” says Hong Phuc Ngo.

Rover founding VPs

Rover Founding VPs Hong Phuc Ngo and Skylar Thwe

Rover deploys AI productivity tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Firefly to accelerate and automate content creation across various media formats, including text, images, 3D videos, animation, voice synthesis, and music. These tools will enable copywriters, editors, and designers to create bigger stories with a more diverse range of styles, tones, and formats and reach more audiences in far less time.  

Additionally, audience analytics and consumer sentiment analysis tools break down extensive datasets into actionable segments that can be used to refine media pitches, messaging, and executive communications for Rover’s clients. These real-time insights enable prompt adjustments and enhance campaign ROI.  

Rover’s AI-driven methods further support improved influencer collaborations, marketing strategies, trend identification, and immersive experiences. Rover aims to provide safe and legitimate AI-enhanced work to the public and its clients by acknowledging the ever-evolving AI technology and PR landscapes. In doing so, it follows five guiding principles, including: 

  1. Ethical AI Practices: Commit to ethical AI use in PR and communication activities by respecting data privacy and consent standards and tracking AI tool providers’ progress in AI alignment and bias risk. 
  2. Transparent AI Utilization: Maintain transparency in the use of AI with clients and the public.  
  3. Fact-Checked Content: Ensure that all AI-generated content aligns with verified facts and accurate information. 
  4. Compliance and Regulation: Stay informed about AI-related regulations and compliance requirements, particularly those related to data privacy and disclosure in communications. 
  5. Partnerships and Collaboration: Explore partnerships with AI technology providers, academics, thought leaders, and non-profit organizations to effectively harness AI’s potential in enhancing PR and communications efforts. 


About Rover 

Rover, an affiliate of award-winning communications consultancy Vero, is an AI-first brand communications agency based in Southeast Asia, specializing in AI-powered public relations and marketing services across a wide range of industries in the region. Recognizing the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the communications industry, Rover combines emerging tools and human creativity to deliver innovative branding strategies, creative campaigns, critical data analysis and interpretation, public and media relations, and media buying. The agency operates alongside parent company Vero’s offices in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Rover is actively recruiting prompt specialists.  For further information on Rover, please visit contact us at Follow Rover on LinkedIn, too.