Vero has partnered up with EB Impact, the non-profit arm of Eco-Business, on a new season of the Sustainability Media Academy (SMA), bringing together over 100 journalists and communicators in Southeast Asia as a community of empowered and informed voices. 

SMA, launched in 2022 as one of EB Impact’s largest initiatives, is a sustainability-focused academy dedicated to media education, enabling individuals with tools to produce high-quality content to advance and report on sustainability and sustainable development issues in Southeast Asia and beyond.  

Sustainability Media Academy Season 3 will expand its impact and reach, empowering more voices to help propel valuable storytelling and creative reporting on climate change, environmental degradation, greenwashing, and societal inequalities. Vero will help curate a key session of the Singapore Masterclass and identify leading journalists and editors who will participate in the two-day workshop in September 2024, as well as satellite workshops in the region.

As Southeast Asia grapples with mounting pressure to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 while simultaneously addressing economic disparities, sustainability beats have become major focal points among media publications. However, reporting on these issues poses unique challenges for journalists, such as the complexity of and access to relevant data, the influence of corporate interests, and the need to communicate the urgency of these issues while maintaining accuracy and balance.


Vero EB Impact

“SMA is a much needed platform for journalists and editors in the region to convene and exchange notes, upskill on sustainable development reporting, and network with each other to provide peer support. We are excited about hosting another edition of this program to raise the quality of discourse on many critical issues that have significant impact on society.”

Jessica Cheam, Founder and Board Member of EB Impact, Managing Director of Eco-Business


“Vero has longstanding partnerships with the media across Southeast Asia. We believe that the media and communications industry have critical roles to play in the path towards a more sustainable future. We are thrilled to be able to work with the team at EB Impact on SMA to reach even more journalists in the region, to contribute to the community of informed, equipped and passionate media professionals, who can hold corporate entities and marketing campaigns accountable.”

– Lin Kuek, Vero’s Head of Sustainability Communication and Managing Director in Singapore.


Season 3 of SMA will serve as an avenue for knowledge-sharing and advanced training on how the mainstream media, journalists, and editors can encourage government, private sectors, and the general public to be more transparent and accountable in their sustainability efforts, both successes and hurdles. 

As part of the enhanced program, the second day of the Singapore Masterclass will also include the participation of selected communications professionals from some of the region’s leading organizations. By equipping them with insights and skills, the program will enable comms professionals to deliver accurate and impactful sustainability narratives for the brands they represent, helping them avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing and greenhushing. 

In addition to the Singapore Masterclass, regional workshops will be organized in Indonesia and Thailand. Vero will also play a key role as a co-host for the program in Bangkok. These workshops will provide targeted support and resources to address the specific sustainability challenges facing some of the most climate-vulnerable nations in the region. 

This partnership with EB Impact complements Vero’s Clean Creatives Pledge and recent B Corp certification, and it reinforces the agency’s dedication to leveraging its regional footprint and influence to advance sustainable communication practices and advocacy efforts.