Meet the Vero Squad – Ngo Hong Phuc

Ngo Hong Phuc, Strategic Planning Director, Vietnam

“It’s always wonderful to build a nest where new ideas are born.”

What brought you to Vero?

I had worked in media planning for quite a long time in Vietnam, but after meeting with Vero’s management and coming to understand their ambition to become a truly regional agency in Southeast Asia, as well as their mindset regarding communications strategy, I was totally convinced and decided I need to be a part of this agency.

What do you like most about your work at Vero?

Bridging the gap between the data and budget with my teammates’ creative ideas is what I love the most. It is always wonderful to build a nest where new ideas are born. In addition, the planning process requires a lot of experience, which allows me to understand and empathize with customers and gain insight into the market. With the diverse range of clients at Vero, it is a great place for a planner to learn and expand his industry knowledge.

One of my duties is to guide and support other team members to help them deliver effective campaigns. Most of them are quite young, but their work style is very mature. Being able to witness and encourage their growth through each project and see them gradually become core staff at the company is an unforgettable experience.

What do you think that makes Vero different?

The biggest thing that sets Vero apart is our goal of being a media consulting partner with no limits regarding platform, format, or channel. That also leads to a different vision for human resources development. Everyone can contribute to improving the company, regardless of their position or how long they have been here. This lets people feel like they are members of a team rather than just employees.

Plus, thanks to Vero’s regional co-working model, we often exchange knowledge and experience with our colleagues in other Southeast Asian countries. That is something you don’t get from books or local agencies.

What has been your biggest challenge since joining Vero?

Dealing with the impact of COVID-19. The common challenge agencies face is how to provide practical solutions to their customers. Thanks to Vero’s human development and training programs, we were able to actively address this challenge by helping our members quickly adapt to the new situation and catch up with trends so they can provide effective counsel to clients.

In your opinion, what makes a Marketing & PR specialist successful?

I think observation and persuasion are the two most important skills that all Marketing & PR specialists must have. You observe how a product is displayed, how consumers buy and experience it, and from there you can build an intuition that is as useful as any market report. Persuasion isn’t just something you use directly with clients; before that, you often have to convince your colleagues and even yourself that an idea is great so you can effectively sell it to a client.