‘Vietnam’s Green Mobility Ambitions Require Joint Effort,’ Says Vero’s Yen Tran at the GEM Conference  

‘Vietnam’s Green Mobility Ambitions Require Joint Effort,’ Says Vero’s Yen Tran at the GEM Conference  

Green mobility in Vietnam


Mobility is at the heart of our daily lives, shaping our journeys to school, work, and social engagements. Yet, this vital aspect of life often goes overlooked despite its profound impact on equity and sustainability. In Vietnam, as in many parts of the world, disparities in access to safe and green mobility persist, posing significant challenges to public and environmental health.  

The Green and Equitable Mobility (GEM) Conference in Saigon held last month focused on how private and public sectors can work together to create a better, greener, and safer transport system for a country with 97 million people. Achieving fair and sustainable mobility is not only about comfort but also a basic right – one that supports the growth of lively, green cities and promotes walkable, livable communities for all Vietnamese. 

Yen Tran, Vero’s Associate PR Account Director and head of the agency’s Tech & Mobility team, joined the panel discussion to provide insights into the role of communications professionals in pushing for sustainability in the transport sector, providing strategies to build public awareness, and connecting different sectors to drive collaborative efforts towards achieving greener and more inclusive transportation solutions. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from Yen Tran’s talk. 

Overcome barriers to promote green mobility 

Vietnamese consumers are increasingly aware and interested in electric vehicles (EVs) as a green transportation option, according to a whitepaper that Vero conducted in 2023, which showed that 79% of the respondents considered environmental protection as their main purchasing driver for EVs. However, challenges and barriers still hinder the adoption of EVs in Vietnam, such as the lack of charging stations, the lack of understanding of EV technology, and the preference of younger generations for ride-hailing services or renting cars over owning one. 

To educate and encourage consumers to choose EVs, brands and corporates can implement some strategies, such as addressing misconceptions, guiding consumers through the entire EV experience, promoting test drive activities, introducing programs like “EVs for rent,” and partnering with like-minded industry leaders.  

A successful example of an initiative that integrated innovative technology and sustainable urban planning in Vietnam is the public bike-sharing scheme that was launched in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi a few years ago. The scheme leveraged GPS, Bluetooth, 3G/4G connectivity, mobile payment services, and an app to enable consumers in Vietnam to rent bicycles for a low fee and enjoy the benefits of green mobility, reduced carbon emissions, and a healthier lifestyle.

No to greenwashing, yes to authentic and collaborative endeavors 

As companies place more importance on their environmental goals, sustainability has risen to the forefront of the corporate agenda. However, even as these efforts are praiseworthy, we need to be careful not to fall into the trap of greenwashing. 

For companies that truly care about sustainability, communication is crucial. They need to steer clear of any hint of greenwashing. This means following strategies from frameworks like setting measurable and realistic goals, incorporating sustainability metrics into business performance evaluations, and conveying scienced-backed data points to convey sustainability messages, as emphasized in Vero’s Greenwatching Playbook. Honesty is essential, whether it is about cutting down greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, energy use, or social measures. 

Brands and various social sectors can further accelerate progress towards a more sustainable transportation system in Vietnam by collaborating with organizations sharing similar objectives. The best example of this is VinFast and Be Group’s joint effort to popularize electric motorbikes and cars via ride-hailing services, offering commuters firsthand experience with EVs. Additionally, e-commerce firms are also teaming up with e-bike brands for efficient delivery services. These not only build consensus but also mobilize broader support for sustainable transportation policies and investments, driving systemic change on a larger scale.

Vietnam green mobility

Yen Tran (third from left, first row) joined an insightful panel discussion organized by the AIP Foundation, the British Council, and the University of Aberdeen to advance green and equitable mobility solutions in Vietnam. (Photo: AIP Foundation)

Promote sustainability as a lifestyle 

Embracing sustainability as a lifestyle choice is fundamental to fostering lasting change. As the saying goes, “Every journey begins with a small step,” and so does the journey toward a more sustainable future. By inspiring individuals to recognize the significance of their everyday actions, we empower them to make conscious choices that positively impact tomorrow. This ethos extends beyond merely adopting green mobility practices; it encompasses embracing a holistic, green, and sustainable lifestyle.  

Through media, entertainment, and cultural platforms, we have a unique opportunity to cultivate a narrative where sustainability is not only embraced but celebrated as a trendy and aspirational way of life. Leveraging the influence of celebrities and influencers can further amplify this message, making sustainable choices more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. 

Empower Gen Z climate engagement 

The younger generation holds significant potential to shape societal norms and behaviors, especially as they become more aware of climate change and how it affects their future. Leveraging this innate social awareness and critical thinking will allow governments, NGOs, and brands to collaborate effectively with Gen Z in implementing sustainable initiatives, fostering a more environmentally conscious society for generations to come. 

Private companies and organizations can organize or sponsor competitions for young people to propose climate change solutions and involve them in execution. This hands-on approach inspires them by turning their ideas into reality, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility. It empowers youth to actively contribute to positive change, nurturing environmentally conscious innovators for the future. 


Vero nextGEN program

Calling all aspiring communicators to join the new season of Vero nextGen 2024 Vietnam! The internship program is designed for ambitious and driven young communications talents in Vietnam seeking practical training and hands-on experiences in agency life. We know that communication consulting is a job you learn by doing, so we feel it is our responsibility to provide high-quality, real-world training to the new generation.


Launched in 2020, Vero nextGEN is a bi-annual six-month internship and training program for young marketers and creatives in Southeast Asia. Based on the “career kickstart” model, the program gives the next generation of communication consultants unique access to mentorship, training, hands-on experiences, and networking. 

Vero nextGen places a strong emphasis on providing a hands-on experience: participants will be able to attend all client, media, and influencer conversations, both internal and external, giving them a glimpse of the agency life. 

The Vero nextGEN program is designed to be selective, with only the most promising profiles being shortlisted.


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Vero Vietnam award

Awarded Best Mid-Size Consultancy by PR Awards Asia Pacific last year, Vero’s Vietnam office is a dynamic environment where innovative strategies and creative solutions through collaborative teamwork. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the local landscape, the team spearheads impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive tangible results for industry-leading brands.

Vero Vietnam

Taking part in the nextGEN program here opens a creative platform for passionate young Vietnamese to learn from the award-winning team members and gain invaluable insights into marketing and creative strategies.

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26 Feb
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27 Feb – 12 Mar
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18 Mar



Chau Giang

Having previously worked in a similar role at a different agency, “stepping down” to join Vero as an intern has been a decision I wholeheartedly cherish. The work culture here is simply unparalleled! I would go as far as to state that Vero is one of the very few workplaces that provides a highly democratic working environment, allowing everyone to flourish in their truest selves.
Nguyen Chau Giang — PR Account Executive

Lan Trang

Since joining Vero, my Marcom and PR skills have soared, and I’ve honed my proposal expertise. Transitioning from university, where collaboration was limited, I now thrive in a diverse team of experts spanning Account Management, Strategic Planning, Creative, and Media. Each brings unique talents and life experiences, enriching my perspective and fostering effective communication. What sets Vero apart is its supportive culture—my opinions mattered from day one, and leaders provided guidance and work-life balance reminders. Beyond work, I’ve embraced Saigon’s vibrant spirit. At Vero, it’s not just a job; it’s a community that empowers growth and celebrates life.
Nguyen Lan Trang — Strategic Planner

Yen Phi

Discovering Vero nextGEN on my college job board intrigued me. Despite initial unfamiliarity, I was impressed by Vero’s dynamic culture that’s evident in its online presence and projects. I embraced the challenge, submitted a video CV, and luckily got in! Assigned to PR and IMC account teams, I actively engaged in workshops led by managers, gaining insights into company dynamics, industry landscapes, and essential skills. I undertook independent tasks, and contributed to meetings, brainstorms, and hands-on projects, like a real communications professional, enriching my experience with real-world responsibilities.
Nguyen Truong Yen Phi — IMC Account Manager


Communicator's Power, Influence and Responsibility


The words of communicators possess a profound capability to carve enduring paths of change. Within this power lies a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.


On July 6, the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister issued a memorandum to establish a local policy concerning renewable energy storage batteries. The memorandum draws upon an insightful editorial from VnExpress that features Sunita Dubey, the Vietnam country representative of Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP). This significant government directive marks the beginning of GEAPP’s mission to address Vietnam’s pressing climate change concerns.    

GEAPP, an alliance committed to assisting developing nations in transitioning to clean energy, joined forces with Vero for their official launch in Southeast Asia, and the memo is a testament to the profound influence communicators can have and the immense power and responsibility we bear in advocating for meaningful social changes – and even national policies.  

“Through our work with GEAPP, our focus is to establish a robust presence for them in Vietnam. As a pivotal initial step, we aimed to highlight Sunita Dubey’s expertise by pitching an op-ed piece to the local media. The inclusion of Sunita’s insights in VnExpress was already a remarkable achievement, as it allowed our sustainability message to reach and resonate with thousands of readers,” says Carla Moreno, Vero’s Corporate Communications Consulting Director, ASEAN and project lead for GEAPP.

“By witnessing our message serve as an inspiration for a government memo, our belief in the transformative power of our words was reaffirmed. This power also carries the crucial obligation to deliver messages that foster constructive change. We are in this position, in this industry, where we both have the privilege and the responsibility to make significant things happen.” 

At Vero, we have our sights set on replicating this success through social campaigns with GEAPP and other partners whose visions align with ours. Having witnessed the power of effective, ethical, and purposeful communication, our internal standards have risen – and this is just the beginning.  


Communicator's Power, Influence and Responsibility - Carla Moreno

Influence is a gift and duty

As society becomes more obsessed with chasing the latest trends and consuming information, professional communicators can act as powerful catalysts for transformation. What we say and how we say it holds the potential to ignite changes that resonate in various forms — inspiring social movements, shifting consumer behavior, or shaping public opinion.  

As we wield this gift, it becomes our utmost duty to adhere to act ethically and responsibly. Our roles as communicators carry profound power and responsibility – to be the guardians of truth and authenticity. Our ability to cut through the noise and connect with diverse audiences enables our clients to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and mobilize communities toward collective action.   

Whether through captivating advertisements, social media campaigns, or public relations efforts, our influence entails a broader commitment to societal well-being and the opportunity to champion causes that matter and shed light on pressing issues.  

Strong visions pave trails

What does success look like? For principled agencies, winning is not just about achieving KPIs, but also the positive changes we spark and the meaningful connections we build with the wider community. And these are only made possible by holding strong visions and sticking with them despite disruptions and challenges.  

At the heart of our endeavors lies a deep sense of purpose – to craft narratives that resonate and stimulate healthy conversations. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape, our steadfast adherence to our visions becomes the guiding light, ensuring we stay true to our mission and values.  

Fully embracing our visions allows us to connect and collaborate with brands and organizations that share our ethics and values. Working together empowers us to transcend boundaries and pursue meaningful long-term goals.   

In this pursuit of purpose, we embrace each challenge with determination, knowing that our commitment to making a positive difference sets us apart and propels us forward.   

Transparency + credibility = trust

The rise of innovative technologies and media platforms has led to growing calls for accountability among audiences and consumers regarding the content they consume. This means our work as communicators undergoes public scrutiny, making it vital to avoid biased messages that inspire backlash or boldness that invites outrage.  

Despite the challenges of pursuing public approval, we are striving to master a formula that ensures we continue to foster constructive impact: Transparency plus credibility equals trust.   

Transparency, the cornerstone of ethical communication, ensures openness and honesty in all interactions. Credibility emerges from transparent practices and consistent delivery of reliable, accurate information. When these two pillars are established, trust naturally follows, forming the lifeblood of agency-client-public relationships and the only path for agencies to remain relevant amidst fierce competition.  

Upholding this equation empowers us to maneuver through the intricacies of the modern communications landscape with integrity, expertise, and enduring positive influence.



Vero Vietnam wins PR Awards Asia - Best Med-Size Consultancy


After a decade of presence through a local partnership, Vero officially opened its office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2019. It has seen remarkable growth over the years — it now hosts about 50 talents, has conducted hundreds of collaborations with industry-leading brands, and launched new verticals. 

Since then, Vero Vietnam has conducted groundbreaking campaigns, from launching the first-ever national cultural campaign for TikTok to DORCO’s ‘All the Firsts Make the Man’ campaign, which not only helped the razor brand make a name for itself in Vietnam but also allowed Vero Vietnam to showcase its remarkable ability to sculpt enchanting narratives amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, four years since officially opening our doors here, Vero Vietnam stands with immense pride as the recipient of the prestigious PR Awards Asia-Pacific 2023 Mid-Size Consultancy Award. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication and inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and raising the bar for our industry.  

How we did it is an open secret — a strategic approach that goes beyond conventional methods and a solid drive to achieve exceptional results for every client we serve. 

But besides leading outstanding campaigns and bringing creative visions to life, it is Vero Vietnam’s forward-thinking work culture that allows our teams to think not just outside the box, but as if there is no box at all. From the unlimited leave policy and mental health support programs to the parental leave (yes, for both new mothers and fathers), Vero has redefined how Southeast Asian agencies can operate.  

Giving the #VeroSquad both freedom and a sense of ownership over their actions (it’s another open secret that we love Netflix’s No Rules Rules culture) has made sure every member of the team recognizes the intrinsic value of each role — that no task is insignificant and every individual is a vital piece of the puzzle. 

But what makes Vero Vietnam worthy of being called Asia Pacific’s best mid-size consultancy in the eyes of our team members?  

Vero Vietnam wins Mid-Size Consultancy Award at PR Awards Asia 2023


We empower relationships through trust, equality, and respect. 

Doan Nguyen Khanh Ha, IMC Account Executive 

Trust, equality, and respect are deeply ingrained in Vero’s DNA in Vietnam and beyond, which is why we’re able to maintain a healthy work culture that’s felt by our team members and clients alike. We value the relationships we forge and work to nurture a safe space where every voice is heard and every call for help is answered with compassion.  


We go beyond TikTok trends to drive purposeful campaigns. 

Nguyen Lan Trang, Senior Strategic Planner 

Our underlying principle is to guide clients in comprehending the current landscape, which goes beyond awareness of what’s happening here and now or the research and analysis we conduct. While these are essential factors, we rely just as much on insightful, human points of view as real people with real emotions who seek to enrich our understanding of others. The strategies we develop are based on our own life experiences, sympathy for clients and their audiences, and acute observations of the world around us.


We’re master dot connectors, piecing information together to shape perspectives. 

Hoang Ngoc Mai, Senior PR Account

Vero handles a lot of influential clients, so those of us who work here recognize our responsibility in shaping perspectives and impacting public opinion. In our role as “dot connectors,” we weave together threads of information, ideas, and relationships to create a tapestry of success. We guide narratives that inspire and shape perceptions with the hope of making a profound impact that resonates far beyond the moment.


We weave original ideas into extraordinary stories. 

Nguyen Thi Tuong Vy, Creative Copywriter 

We work with words every day, so we know the power they hold. For the copywriters at Vero, our goal is to inspire and captivate our audience with words that are not only creative but also accurate. These words become stories that can inspire, stir emotions, or challenge the status quo. We want our words to leave lasting impressions and make people genuinely engage with the conversations we start. We are proud that we’re doing a good job so far and will continue to do so.   


We don’t take leaps of faith — we make data-driven moves. 

Tran My Ha, Data & Insight Consultant 

Vero uses data and market insights to inform our decision-making processes, which is why we’ve always maintained a solid data and insights team. It’s a fundamental part of our approach, as it allows us to make strategic choices for the company and the brands we partner with. That’s also the reason we launched Reputation.IQ, through which we analyze data to deliver comprehensive reports that assess business performance. In this way, we continuously refine our strategies and move forward with confidence.