We Got a B: Vero is Now Proudly Certified B Corp! 

We Got a B: Vero is Now Proudly Certified B Corp! 

Vero is now certified B Corp


At Vero, taking a consistently progressive stance on key issues, from client servicing to workplace policies, allows us to reflect critically on our roles as communicators, as an organization, and as members of society.  

Our decision to sign the Clean Creatives Pledge in 2022 was a pivotal moment, marking a significant step towards a more responsible and ethical business model. In distancing our practice from the fossil fuel industry and the pitfalls of greenwashing, we centered our initiatives and strategies on sustainability, authenticity, and accountability. 

Today, after a year-long assessment, we can proudly announce that we are now a certified B Corp — and that we are officially joining the global B Corp movement to promote more responsible business practices.


Our B Corp journey and why it matters

B Corp certification is a robust yet ever-evolving framework for responsible business modeling, and embarking on it means reshaping the definition of success in business to prioritize making a real impact—on our teams, clients, community, and how we run our company. 

B Lab, the non-profit organization behind the assessment, commends companies that uphold rigorous governance and operational standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It is B Lab’s mission to “make business a force for good,” and mobilize the B Corp community towards collective action to address society’s most critical challenges.

We share their conviction that sustainable business practices don’t emerge solely from isolated activities or programs — they are fostered through operational processes and policies. This same principle led us to join the Clean Creatives pledge, an industry-specific initiative aimed at implementing advertising and communications practices according to ethical and sustainable standards. Aligning Vero’s vision and mission with B Lab’s objectives marks another stride forward. 

To obtain B Corp certification, Vero had to demonstrate high social and environmental performance, make a legal commitment to a corporate governance structure that is accountable to all stakeholders (not just shareholders), and exhibit transparency of operations and structure. 

Beginning in April 2023, we conducted a meticulous self-assessment process, during which we scrutinized our operations to pinpoint areas to improve, implemented relevant changes, and subsequently underwent a formal review led by B Lab. We achieved a score of 89.2 out of the required 80.  This score puts us within the B Corp standards and outlines a path to continuous improvement.


Vero B Corp scoreVisit Vero’s B Corp page to learn more about our overall impact score and the B Corp movement. 

“Going through the B Corp certification process gave us an opportunity to be transparent about how we operate and honest with ourselves about the type of organization we want to be. We believe strongly that businesses have a critical role to play, and this presents a chance to be on the right side of history. We’re thrilled about the certification, but the work does not stop here. There’s much more to be done to build a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future, and Vero is determined to be a catalyst of change to get us there,” says Lin Kuek, Vero’s Managing Director in Singapore and Regional Lead for Sustainability Communications Advisory.


Being a force for good is a commitment 

Vero is the largest independent Southeast Asia-grown agency to obtain the B Corp Certification to date, and we’re the only one with footprints in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. We do not take this designation lightly, as we recognize both the opportunities it creates and the expectations for us to make a significant positive impact.  

Currently, there are only 245 B Corp companies in Asia (accounting for only 3% of the total 8,500 B Corps), with 40 of those in Singapore and 52 in the rest of Southeast Asia. This is far too few for a region where the environmental crisis is a major threat to social and economic growth. 

Southeast Asian economies have already pledged to accelerate energy transition and are actively establishing roadmaps to achieve sustainability goals. This provides an immense opportunity for businesses and investors to facilitate this transition by advocating for policy changes, attracting more green investment, and delivering more sustainability projects. 

Within this landscape, the communication and PR industry has an opportunity — and, we believe, a responsibility — to catalyze a shift towards more socially responsible and climate-conscious business communication practices. By embracing the principles of B Corp certification, agencies can align themselves with a framework that prioritizes social and environmental impact.  

We have made it our goal as communicators to open both conversations and pathways for our industry peers and other Asian businesses to recognize this responsibility. 

“We work with some of the most forward-thinking brands and organizations in the world, and B Lab’s framework helps us align ourselves with the best governance and operational standards, foster a progressive culture, and deliver better work for our clients as they navigate critical changes,” says Raphael Lachkar, Vero’s Chief Operating Officer.


What it means for the future of Vero 

We will be developing more robust measurement frameworks and a greater level of transparency across our business processes, with the aim of increasing our score at the next reassessment cycle in three years. This commitment will drive us to introspect and continuously evaluate our practices and business model to ensure we continue to uphold the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. 

We also look forward to connecting more formally with B Corp peers in the region and contributing to the growth of B Corp certification here. We consider this a learning journey, where collaboration with mission-aligned organizations will further propel us towards our shared goals of doing business that truly benefits humanity. 

Furthermore, our B Corp certification should help us accelerate partnership opportunities with organizations committed to innovation and positive social and environmental impact. With the tools and programs for impact assessment from B Lab that we now have access to, we are equipped to meet the growing demand for sustainable communication solutions and realize the collective vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. 

We are proud to be walking the right path towards becoming a force for good, but this is only the beginning of our journey towards an even greater positive impact.


Connect with us to explore more about Vero’s social and environmental commitments and see how your brand can drive meaningful change.