How Vero Helped Reckitt’s Move Free Promote Joint Health Awareness in Vietnam

How Vero Helped Reckitt’s Move Free Promote Joint Health Awareness in Vietnam

How Vero Helped Reckitt’s Move Free Promote Joint Health Awareness in Vietnam

The Brief

Vero was tasked by Reckitt to launch Move Free, a joint health supplement, in Vietnam through integrated activities, including: 

  • creative production 
  • social content
  • influencer engagement 
  • product seeding 
  • digital media buying 
  • online activations  

Reckitt had been active in Vietnam for several years but had low brand awareness and was fifth in share of voice (SOV) among health-oriented consumer goods brands. With the company’s aim to launch Move Free here, the brand – with Vero’s help – took the challenge to earn audience trust while competing with traditional medicine and well-established brands.

Vero - Move Free Reckitt Case Study


Move Free is a top-selling joint health supplement in the US, where most of its customers belong to older generations. However, when our team investigated its potential audience in Vietnam, we found that certain members of younger generations, such as sports enthusiasts and office workers, commonly experience neck, shoulder, and back pain, making them target customers for Move Free. 

Creative assets: We initially planned to localize Move Free’s global creative assets, which used older Western people as models and spokespersons. However, we realized this would create an image that does not encompass the full audience spectrum in Vietnam. 

Instead, we chose to redefine and segment the brand’s local target audience. The Vero data team identified local interests and the typical customer journey, the planning team gathered insights and designed a strategy, and the creative team developed the campaign’s creative direction and communications activities. 

Ultimately, we chose to focus on two main audience segments. The first was seniors (55+ years old) with noticeable health problems, an interest in solutions and health experts, and younger family members who care for them and expose them to social media content. The second was working-class individuals ages 35-54 who already had joint pain due to work or exercise/sports. We considered them more tech-savvy and skeptical when choosing health-related products.  

To appeal to these audiences, we positioned Reckitt’s Move Free as the easiest solution to keep people moving comfortably. For the creative direction, we were inspired by a common Vietnamese phrase that translates to “stiff as a log,” which led us to develop a “log man” mascot to represent individuals with joint issues. Crucially, the character is anthropomorphic but does not represent a specific age group.   


Joint Health Month Activation 

Reckitt Campaign Vietnam

We created “Joint Health Month” to encourage people to proactively manage their joint health and conduct preventative joint care. We created an event on Facebook to announce its launch and followed that up with an AR-filter social challenge to motivate people to test their joint health and a health check-up activation to encourage people to talk to their doctors about any issues discovered in the test. That was followed by a livestream series supported by social content, influencers, community page engagement, and performance media.  

We used a bumper ad video to kick-start Joint Health Month based on the idea that joint issues make it challenging for people to enjoy daily activities and sometimes lead to ridiculous public scenarios.  We produced three witty six-second bumper videos featuring comically exaggerating joint health issues (without showing pain) in daily life contexts that make people feel “stiff as a log” in ways that could affect their life and work quality. 


Social Challenge & AR Filter 

Reckitt Move Free

To kick off Joint Health Month, we created a challenge in collaboration with Doctor Le Tien Huy, the Vice President of the Institute of Medical Science and Technology, to develop 4 different postures to test joint health and incorporate the tests into an AR Filter that makes them more convenient. The AR Filter ends with a call-to-action frame suggesting a consultancy from the client’s health experts on the upcoming Online Health Check-up Day. To support this challenge AR filter, we engaged with 21 influencers and 16 communities across photo, video, and livestream posts to have them join the test and inspire others to participate. The challenge was successful thanks to its simple mechanism and chances to win attractive prizes. 


Health Checkup Activation 

Reckitt Move Free

The AR filter included a call to action that recommended users join an online health check-up sponsored by Reckitt/Move Free.  We held this online health check-up as an activation designed to build Move Free’s reputation as a reliable partner in joint health improvement. It was followed by livestreams with health experts focused on “educational lifestyle” topics, beginning with common joint health issues shared by lifestyle influencers and then daily life tips from health experts. The online health check-up activation featured two doctors (one a lifestyle TikTok macro influencer, the other an academic researcher) and a lifestyle influencer instructing people on how to test their joint health, plus exercise and nutrition tips to maintain and enhance joint health.

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