Vero Philippines’ First NextGEN Internship Program was ‘One for the Books’

Vero Philippines’ First NextGEN Internship Program was ‘One for the Books’


This month, Vero Philippines wrapped up its inaugural nextGEN internship program. From an exciting day one to a triumphant graduation, our five talented interns went on a three-month journey where they learned how agency life works through a series of insightful mentorship sessions, hands-on development of an IMC-PR campaign, and an unforgettable trip to our vibrant regional office in Vietnam.

Here are some highlights.

Local and international mentorship sessions

Each intern worked closely with a mentor throughout the program and followed a training plan tailored to developing the specific skills they needed. These training plans included topics and exercises that allowed them to understand their roles better, gain essential industry knowledge, and see how a leading agency operates day to day. They also had the chance to take on real-world tasks and projects.

“My nextGEN internship with Vero was the best learning experience I’ve had,” said copywriting intern Iby Elaine Castro. “Vero’s team members taught me a lot about dealing with clients, meeting tight deadlines, collaborating with professionals, and working in the communications industry.”

Aside from regular training sessions with their mentors, the interns also acquired valuable industry insights from international workshops led by Vero executives from across the region. This exposed them to new perspectives outside of their home country and the opportunity to collaborate with a multicultural team.


“Vero’s nextGEN program has a unique approach to training young talent,” said Danica Marielle Vallano, HR Generalist at Vero Philippines and a nextGEN mentor. “Packed with interactive workshops and hands-on experiences, the program empowers interns to work alongside seasoned professionals both locally and regionally. The interns are also fully integrated into the agency’s day-to-day workings and treated as employees, encouraging a sense of accountability and responsibility as they lead and manage their own projects and tasks.”

But it’s not just the interns who benefitted from the program—the mentors also learned a lot in the process of passing on their knowledge and personal lessons to the younger generation.

Sheila Mae Golingay, Data Analyst for Vero Philippines and ASEAN and nextGEN mentor, said, “Overall, it was incredibly rewarding to see the interns grow and develop over the course of the program. I feel proud to have played a role in shaping their future careers and helping them achieve their goals.”

Visiting Vero Vietnam

As part of the program, we sent our interns to our Vietnam office to spend time with regional team members. This memorable trip allowed the interns to receive mentorship from some of our top executives, immerse themselves in Vero’s vibrant regional culture, discover Vietnam’s rich heritage, and, of course, have some fun.

“My experience in Vietnam with my co-interns is something that I’ll never forget. I got to bond with and learn from the regional and Vietnam teams while soaking in the country’s culture. The workshops we attended there were enlightening and refreshing, as we learned about the nuances of the marketing and PR world,” said data intern Martina Giron.

The trip let the interns experience how work can be both fun and fulfilling, as they saw Vero’s core values of trust, kindness, and curiosity in action. These values encouraged them to take risks, explore new ideas, learn from their mistakes, and celebrate each other’s successes.

“Our time in Vietnam made me realize that a company can trust and invest in their interns as much as they trust and invest in their employees. The Vero nextGEN internship program is truly one for the books,” HR intern Jerico Rivera shared.

Working with WWF-Philippines

As a final challenge for our interns, we asked them to develop a full IMC-PR campaign and pitch it to a real client along with some Vero executives. For this project, we collaborated with environmental NGO WWF-Philippines, which implements various conservation projects across the country.

The interns were tasked to come up with a strategy to help WWF-Philippines educate the youth and working class about the issues WWF is addressing and to ramp up the organization’s social media engagement. It was a challenging task, but the team was able to accomplish it thanks to creative ideas and great teamwork.

“We were given a significant level of autonomy on this project, but our mentors were supportive and provided us with the necessary tools to tackle it,” account management intern Marie Hazel Cabillo said. “Although it was a challenging task, we approached it with dedication and treated it as a real pitch. Our aim was to give it our best and provide a solution that met the client’s expectations.”

The project gave the interns a unique opportunity to put theory into practice and get involved in helping solve pressing environmental issues, which made the exercise more meaningful.

“At WWF, our main goal is to address the two biggest problems that we are facing right now: nature loss and climate change,” said Matikas Santos, Senior Communications Officer at WWF-Philippines. “We believe that success in achieving our goals would mean sustaining our efforts in the future, and the next generation should be at the forefront of telling these stories. This is a real-world challenge that faces all industries and sectors. We hope that more students will learn about and apply environmental advocacy communications so that more people join the movement towards a better future for all living things, humans included.”

For a graduating university student, entering the workforce can be daunting, as the entire process of getting employed—from job hunting and interviewing to adapting to their first job—is unfamiliar terrain. In addition, internship programs with dedicated training plans are few and far between, especially in the Philippines. But at Vero, we designed the nextGEN program to ensure that students are equipped and ready to make their mark in the industry.


“It is important for Vero, and companies in general, to invest in upcoming talent, since they are the next generation that will lead the industry. We need to set a standard for them as a workplace so they will not be discouraged, but rather motivated to join their chosen industry in the future,” said Bianca Balderas, PR Manager for Vero Philippines and ASEAN and nextGEN mentor.

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Xin Chào, Saigon: Filipino nextGEN Interns Fly To Vietnam For Mentorship And Adventure

In January, Vero Philippines launched their first-ever nextGEN internship program.

The interns, myself included, were given the opportunity to visit Vero’s office in Ho Chi Minh City in March, where we met members of the Vietnam squad, and took part in mentorship sessions with top executives from various teams. During our visit, we learned about Vero’s values, culture, and the company’s strategies and practical lessons.

Meeting the Vietnam squad

When we arrived at Vero’s Ho Chi Minh office, our teammates introduced us to everyone in the office. Their professionalism and enthusiasm showed us that Vero’s values extend far beyond our office in Manila.

Jerico Rivera, the HR intern, noted that he was surprised by how big and agile the office space was. “Everyone seems excited about going to work every day because of the flexible and green environment. I love that the Vietnam team has a game room so they can hang out and have fun together. ” Rivera shared.

On our first day, the Vietnam team treated us to traditional Vietnamese snacks like Bánh Tráng Trộn, or rice paper salad, and Bánh Tráng Cuốn Trứng Lòng Đào, an egg wrapped in rice paper paired with Sốt tắc chấm bánh tráng, a dip made with tamarind sauce, chili sauce, and roasted peanut.

Meeting the Vietnam squadLearning industry secrets and culture from regional mentors

After settling in, it was time to get down to business. Our schedule was packed with mentorship sessions led by top executives from the IMC, Influence, PR, Data & Insights, People & Culture, and HR teams. These sessions provided us with a deeper understanding of each team’s role and function within the company, as well as their work dynamic, and the significance of their contribution to the company’s success.

“Our objective in sending our interns to one of our regional offices is to give them an opportunity to meet and learn from our leaders in Vietnam and Thailand. This was organized so they could develop their competence and receive mentorship from experienced professionals in the field,” Danica Marielle Vallano, HR Generalist at Vero Philippines, said.

During our first session, the IMC and Influence teams introduced us to TrueVibe, Vero’s tool for identifying the most suitable influencer for a campaign, demonstrating Vero’s commitment to pairing brands with the right collaborators. “I gained insights into how the company uses data to make strategic decisions on influencer selection and campaign design, I also learned that consulting with departmental experts across the team is crucial in interpreting the data collected,” said Martina Giron, Data and Insights intern.

While in the Vietnam office, we were able to sit down and speak with Vero’s Data & Insights Director, Nguyen Thach. He stressed the importance of being intelligence-driven when consulting brands. In his session, we discovered that optimizing data helps clients make informed decisions, fulfill their goals, and explore possibilities beyond the norm.

Aside from the company’s tactics, we also learned practical lessons from Raphael Lachkar, Vero’s Chief Operating Officer. He shared case studies and real-life experiences that taught us how to work with clients, improve our approach to handling wins and losses, and resolve challenges. He also reminded us that a big idea should not only generate buzz, but must also show the brand’s identity to the audience through strong, concise, and creative messaging. “Through Raph’s mentorship session, I saw that as a consultancy agency, it is our responsibility to challenge ideas to make sure they meet the client’s needs, provide better solutions, and help clients gain clarity on their brief” Hazel Cabillo, the IMC Accounts intern, shared.

We also spoke to Vero’s HR and People & Culture team. Looking at Vero’s history, we were able to understand how the company’s culture and values evolved growing into a diverse team that values collaborative work, autonomy, and lifelong learning through its core values of trust, kindness, and curiosity.

“Through the mentorship sessions, I learned how Vero works as a team, from their internal processes and relationships to the contributions of different regional offices that make it a competent and reliable company,” shared Sherina Santos, PR Account Executive intern.

Discovering Ho Chi Minh City’s rich culture

After soaking up valuable insights, we made the most of our fourth day in Ho Chi Minh City by exploring the different areas the city had to offer. Our first stop was Book Street, which showed the city’s vibrant reading culture. Then we went to see the Central Post Office, whose French architectural design is admired by tourists (and where Martina enjoyed collecting postcards!). 

After a few hours of strolling around, we had lunch at an Instagram-famous rooftop restaurant, Secret Garden. Hidden in an old apartment building, it offers a lovely view of the colorful Pasteur Street. Our meal was the highlight of the day where we tried their signature Xôi chiên (deep-fried sticky rice with minced pork and shrimp), Tôm chiên bao vừng (fried prawn with pork and sesame), and Tôm cuộn cải xanh (boiled prawn rolled with mustard green and fresh noodles). After lunch, we visited the Ho Chi Minh Museum, where we learned about the country’s struggles during the Vietnam War, and saw local vintage handicrafts, revolutionary era artifacts, and the city’s traditional arts.

We also had the chance to visit,  Ben Thanh Market, a famous shopping destination, and the vibrant and popular Nguyen Hue Walking Street, which is surrounded by high-rise buildings, restaurants, and street foods. 

As we explored the city we realized how similar Ho Chi Minh is to Manila, especially when it comes to the weather. However, we were excited to learn about Vietnamese culture throughout our stay. “It’s clear that Vietnamese people are very proud of their culture and heritage. I loved learning about Vietnamese taste, and aesthetics through architecture, food, and fashion,” says Giron. 

Discovering Ho Chi Minh City’s rich culture

From the series of workshops tailored to develop our competence to the activities and meals we shared together, we saw Vero’s core values and commitment to helping shape the next generation of talent.   

“This trip strengthened my eagerness to learn, as it gave me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge. I will use this momentum to keep developing and taking steps to enhance my career,” said Santos. 

Our trip to Vietnam left us with many lessons. We learned that every market is different, offering distinct opportunities for growth. It was also eye-opening to experience a multicultural workplace that emphasized the importance of diversity. Seeing the autonomy of team members and the trust they have for each other in their work was inspiring. Moreover, everyone we met was kind and welcoming, making our stay memorable.

The communications industry is typically competitive and demanding, but our adventure in Vietnam proves that being equipped with the right skills and knowledge and working with a great team can make work fun, exciting, and engaging.

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