To Communicators, Great Power Entails an Even Greater Responsibility

To Communicators, Great Power Entails an Even Greater Responsibility

Communicator's Power, Influence and Responsibility


The words of communicators possess a profound capability to carve enduring paths of change. Within this power lies a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.


On July 6, the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister issued a memorandum to establish a local policy concerning renewable energy storage batteries. The memorandum draws upon an insightful editorial from VnExpress that features Sunita Dubey, the Vietnam country representative of Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP). This significant government directive marks the beginning of GEAPP’s mission to address Vietnam’s pressing climate change concerns.    

GEAPP, an alliance committed to assisting developing nations in transitioning to clean energy, joined forces with Vero for their official launch in Southeast Asia, and the memo is a testament to the profound influence communicators can have and the immense power and responsibility we bear in advocating for meaningful social changes – and even national policies.  

“Through our work with GEAPP, our focus is to establish a robust presence for them in Vietnam. As a pivotal initial step, we aimed to highlight Sunita Dubey’s expertise by pitching an op-ed piece to the local media. The inclusion of Sunita’s insights in VnExpress was already a remarkable achievement, as it allowed our sustainability message to reach and resonate with thousands of readers,” says Carla Moreno, Vero’s Corporate Communications Consulting Director, ASEAN and project lead for GEAPP.

“By witnessing our message serve as an inspiration for a government memo, our belief in the transformative power of our words was reaffirmed. This power also carries the crucial obligation to deliver messages that foster constructive change. We are in this position, in this industry, where we both have the privilege and the responsibility to make significant things happen.” 

At Vero, we have our sights set on replicating this success through social campaigns with GEAPP and other partners whose visions align with ours. Having witnessed the power of effective, ethical, and purposeful communication, our internal standards have risen – and this is just the beginning.  


Communicator's Power, Influence and Responsibility - Carla Moreno

Influence is a gift and duty

As society becomes more obsessed with chasing the latest trends and consuming information, professional communicators can act as powerful catalysts for transformation. What we say and how we say it holds the potential to ignite changes that resonate in various forms — inspiring social movements, shifting consumer behavior, or shaping public opinion.  

As we wield this gift, it becomes our utmost duty to adhere to act ethically and responsibly. Our roles as communicators carry profound power and responsibility – to be the guardians of truth and authenticity. Our ability to cut through the noise and connect with diverse audiences enables our clients to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and mobilize communities toward collective action.   

Whether through captivating advertisements, social media campaigns, or public relations efforts, our influence entails a broader commitment to societal well-being and the opportunity to champion causes that matter and shed light on pressing issues.  

Strong visions pave trails

What does success look like? For principled agencies, winning is not just about achieving KPIs, but also the positive changes we spark and the meaningful connections we build with the wider community. And these are only made possible by holding strong visions and sticking with them despite disruptions and challenges.  

At the heart of our endeavors lies a deep sense of purpose – to craft narratives that resonate and stimulate healthy conversations. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape, our steadfast adherence to our visions becomes the guiding light, ensuring we stay true to our mission and values.  

Fully embracing our visions allows us to connect and collaborate with brands and organizations that share our ethics and values. Working together empowers us to transcend boundaries and pursue meaningful long-term goals.   

In this pursuit of purpose, we embrace each challenge with determination, knowing that our commitment to making a positive difference sets us apart and propels us forward.   

Transparency + credibility = trust

The rise of innovative technologies and media platforms has led to growing calls for accountability among audiences and consumers regarding the content they consume. This means our work as communicators undergoes public scrutiny, making it vital to avoid biased messages that inspire backlash or boldness that invites outrage.  

Despite the challenges of pursuing public approval, we are striving to master a formula that ensures we continue to foster constructive impact: Transparency plus credibility equals trust.   

Transparency, the cornerstone of ethical communication, ensures openness and honesty in all interactions. Credibility emerges from transparent practices and consistent delivery of reliable, accurate information. When these two pillars are established, trust naturally follows, forming the lifeblood of agency-client-public relationships and the only path for agencies to remain relevant amidst fierce competition.  

Upholding this equation empowers us to maneuver through the intricacies of the modern communications landscape with integrity, expertise, and enduring positive influence.