Dell and EcoNest Philippines for ‘Business We Love’ Campaign

Dell and EcoNest Philippines for ‘Business We Love’ Campaign

Dell and EcoNest Philippines for ‘Business We Love’ Campaign


Dell EcoNest

Through its Business We Love campaign, Dell Technologies continues to support and highlight eco-conscious small businesses, promoting sustainability by empowering them with one powerful product—the Dell Vostro 15 3510 laptop. 

Its latest partnership is with EcoNest Philippines, the leading distributor of sustainable, technologically advanced packaging solutions for conscientious local and multinational brands. Their goal is to significantly reduce the planet’s reliance on petroleum-based packaging items and thrive in a circular economy. 


Vero produced a testimonial video featuring everything that makes EcoNest Philippines a sustainable business from their brand story, eco-friendly values, and vision of a future-proof world. The video follows co-founder Nikki Sevilla, the headquarters, products and people of EcoNest Philippines, using stop motion and documented footage to highlight the packaging materials while unpacking their story as a company and a movement. In doing so, we emphasized the shared values of Dell and EcoNest in promoting the idea that businesses should continuously evolve and innovate to provide more eco-friendly solutions through technology. 

The Impact

Dell Technologies’ support through the Business We Love Campaign went beyond providing media and channel exposure for the featured businesses. It played a significant role in encouraging people to patronize local businesses and educating them about sustainability practices. 

Through a business partnership with EcoNest Philippines, Vero: 

  • Increased awareness of, engagement with, and brand preference for Dell Vostro 15 3510 laptops among its target audiences; 
  • Featured the sustainable brand and business owner and boosted their social media presence via Dell SNS, and;
  • Activated and strengthened the Dell Enterprise Network FB group, increasing both participation and engagement within the group. 

The campaign exceeded the set KPIs. The thematic video content garnered enormous success, receiving a high volume of impressions, views, and clicks. These metrics indicate that the video narrative particularly captured the attention of the local audience. 

Dell EcoNest
Total Clicks
Total Views

How Vero Helped Reckitt’s Move Free Promote Joint Health Awareness in Vietnam

The Brief

Vero was tasked by Reckitt to launch Move Free, a joint health supplement, in Vietnam through integrated activities, including: 

  • creative production 
  • social content
  • influencer engagement 
  • product seeding 
  • digital media buying 
  • online activations  

Reckitt had been active in Vietnam for several years but had low brand awareness and was fifth in share of voice (SOV) among health-oriented consumer goods brands. With the company’s aim to launch Move Free here, the brand – with Vero’s help – took the challenge to earn audience trust while competing with traditional medicine and well-established brands.

Vero - Move Free Reckitt Case Study


Move Free is a top-selling joint health supplement in the US, where most of its customers belong to older generations. However, when our team investigated its potential audience in Vietnam, we found that certain members of younger generations, such as sports enthusiasts and office workers, commonly experience neck, shoulder, and back pain, making them target customers for Move Free. 

Creative assets: We initially planned to localize Move Free’s global creative assets, which used older Western people as models and spokespersons. However, we realized this would create an image that does not encompass the full audience spectrum in Vietnam. 

Instead, we chose to redefine and segment the brand’s local target audience. The Vero data team identified local interests and the typical customer journey, the planning team gathered insights and designed a strategy, and the creative team developed the campaign’s creative direction and communications activities. 

Ultimately, we chose to focus on two main audience segments. The first was seniors (55+ years old) with noticeable health problems, an interest in solutions and health experts, and younger family members who care for them and expose them to social media content. The second was working-class individuals ages 35-54 who already had joint pain due to work or exercise/sports. We considered them more tech-savvy and skeptical when choosing health-related products.  

To appeal to these audiences, we positioned Reckitt’s Move Free as the easiest solution to keep people moving comfortably. For the creative direction, we were inspired by a common Vietnamese phrase that translates to “stiff as a log,” which led us to develop a “log man” mascot to represent individuals with joint issues. Crucially, the character is anthropomorphic but does not represent a specific age group.   


Joint Health Month Activation 

Reckitt Campaign Vietnam

We created “Joint Health Month” to encourage people to proactively manage their joint health and conduct preventative joint care. We created an event on Facebook to announce its launch and followed that up with an AR-filter social challenge to motivate people to test their joint health and a health check-up activation to encourage people to talk to their doctors about any issues discovered in the test. That was followed by a livestream series supported by social content, influencers, community page engagement, and performance media.  

We used a bumper ad video to kick-start Joint Health Month based on the idea that joint issues make it challenging for people to enjoy daily activities and sometimes lead to ridiculous public scenarios.  We produced three witty six-second bumper videos featuring comically exaggerating joint health issues (without showing pain) in daily life contexts that make people feel “stiff as a log” in ways that could affect their life and work quality. 


Social Challenge & AR Filter 

Reckitt Move Free

To kick off Joint Health Month, we created a challenge in collaboration with Doctor Le Tien Huy, the Vice President of the Institute of Medical Science and Technology, to develop 4 different postures to test joint health and incorporate the tests into an AR Filter that makes them more convenient. The AR Filter ends with a call-to-action frame suggesting a consultancy from the client’s health experts on the upcoming Online Health Check-up Day. To support this challenge AR filter, we engaged with 21 influencers and 16 communities across photo, video, and livestream posts to have them join the test and inspire others to participate. The challenge was successful thanks to its simple mechanism and chances to win attractive prizes. 


Health Checkup Activation 

Reckitt Move Free

The AR filter included a call to action that recommended users join an online health check-up sponsored by Reckitt/Move Free.  We held this online health check-up as an activation designed to build Move Free’s reputation as a reliable partner in joint health improvement. It was followed by livestreams with health experts focused on “educational lifestyle” topics, beginning with common joint health issues shared by lifestyle influencers and then daily life tips from health experts. The online health check-up activation featured two doctors (one a lifestyle TikTok macro influencer, the other an academic researcher) and a lifestyle influencer instructing people on how to test their joint health, plus exercise and nutrition tips to maintain and enhance joint health.

Quang Do Vero
Total Reach
Share of Voice in Vietnam
SOV increase from initial brand launch
1 (Highest)
Sentiment Score

‘Grow Green with’ Sustainability Campaign in Thailand CASE STUDY

Travel and Lifestyle Award at the 2023 PRCA APAC Awards   |   Environmental Campaign-Bronze at PR Awards Asia 2023 

The Brief

Grow Green with, a leading online travel platform that allows users to book accommodations, flights, rental cars, and other travel-related services, aims to become the top travel brand for sustainability in Thailand. Recognizing the travel industry’s significant contribution to pollution, carbon emissions, and waste generation, is developing innovative solutions to make travel more sustainable. 

In collaboration with Vero, the company launched a compelling communications campaign that amplified’s Travel Sustainable Program among Thai consumers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and the local media.

By introducing the ‘Travel Sustainable Property’ badge, the company offers a wide range of sustainable accommodation options for travelers, encouraging immersive experiences in certified eco-friendly properties.


Grow Green was a two-part campaign, and the first stage, Grow Green Stay, involved designing and building a fully sustainable accommodation option bookable via website. The accommodation was made using sustainably sourced clay and employed elevated levels of sustainable architecture and functionality, such as: 

  • A sustainably built Clay House leveraging energy-saving methods and reducing material production.  
  • Onsite dinner with natively and organically sourced ingredients, partnered with Local Aroi, an enterprise that works with indigenous communities in Thailand to highlight their authentic culinary offerings.  
  • Various sustainable practices, verified by independent industry bodies that note the campaign’s positive impact on society and the environment.   

The second phase of this campaign was called Grow Green Together and involved gathering influential journalists and KOLs to visit accommodations that have earned the ‘Travel Sustainable Property’ badge. The Clay House served as the inspiration for this phase of the campaign.

Media Coverage
Total Reach
Social Media Reach
Total Engagement

Bilibili Watch Party with Andre Knite CASE STUDY

The Brief

Bilibili is China’s leading ACG (“Anime, Comics, and Gaming”) video community that provides full-spectrum content serving diverse interests. It is known as an online home for anime, comic, and gaming fans, not only in the country, but also around the world.

When Bilibili came to the Philippines, Vero was tasked with increasing follower growth on local social media channels by promoting its Summer Anime Releases. 

Bilibili Watch Party with Andre Knite

In recent years, the Philippines has come to be known as the social media capital of the world due to the number of active social media users and the hours spent using mobile apps. It is for this reason, that the term “Pinoy baiting” was created. “Pinoy baiting” is an online Filipino cultural reference to attract more engagement. The “Pinoy baiting” strategy requires influencers to interact with Pinoy audiences and create more content about the Philippines. This is one of the main reasons why influencer marketing is such a hit for local and international campaigns. 

The Summer Anime Release is a major event in the anime world, where specific well-loved anime titles are launched for viewing. To help boost Bilibili’s social media growth in the Philippines, and as part of its Summer Anime Release campaign, we worked with Andre Knite (they/them), a professional cosplayer, model, and streamer, to throw a watch party on Bilibili Philippines Facebook page.   

Knite’s debut at Bilibili’s Facebook watch party was a hit, driving many people to sign up and use the platform.  


We chose Andre Knite as our influencer for the campaign because of their popularity in Southeast Asia’s anime scene and the way they engage with their fans on social media. Anime fans deem Andre Knite as friendly and down-to-earth, which matches perfectly with Bilibili’s fun, outgoing personality.

Bilibili Watch Party with Andre Knite

Despite being an experienced streamer with many social media channels, this collaboration was Knite’s first takeover.   

We granted Knite access to Bilibili’s Facebook page and let them stream on the platform as if it were their own. During the takeover, viewers interacted with Knite and watched the new episode of “The Devil is a Part-timer.” It was an intimate and exciting experience for Knite’s fans and Bilibilivers. 

Bilibili Watch Party with Andre Knite

To make the watch party even more fun and engaging, we also had mini games where viewers engaged through chat box to win special prizes and giveaways from Bilibili.​ 

With Knite’s existing influence in the anime community, the live stream was a success. We were able to reach more than 500,000 people on the platform without any paid ads.    

Choosing Knite as our influencer was pivotal for the brand and helped establish our presence in the Philippines. People who did not know about Bilibili before discovered how powerful the platform is for anime, comics, and gaming content. 


Love and Care with Samsung CASE STUDY

The Brief

Samsung is an innovative worldwide leader in Myanmar’s smartphone and tech industry, with more fans than its competitors.  

We noticed that the company had been focusing heavily on product-centric content and saw an opportunity for Samsung to engage with consumers more meaningfully by promoting its customer service and social responsibility initiatives.  

To demonstrate Samsung’s dedication to serving and taking care of its customers in Myanmar, we proposed highlighting brand affinity and the brand’s services instead of the typical product-centric materials and ads that Samsung recently generated. It was important that our campaign concepts not only increased online brand affinity, awareness, and favorable feelings but also drove tangible outcomes like more quality app users for the Samsung Members program and user-generated content praising Samsung’s customer service and corporate social responsibility efforts.   

Love and Care with Samsung in Myanmar

To appeal to millennials and Gen Z, we created the “Love and Care” campaign, which emphasized building brand affinity and highlighting Samsung’s services rather than just its products. This campaign did more than promote brand love; it also raised the number of users of the Samsung Members app, boosted sales, and contributed to the community through a CSR initiative.


Our “Love and Care” campaign comprises two phases centered around Myanmar cultural norms and the themes of love, warmth, and positivity. The first phase, “Love Letters,” aims to encourage people to express their love and affection more openly. The second phase, called “Thank You,” builds on this theme of expressing appreciation and compassion while positioning Samsung as a life partner to consumers. Both phases promote love, warmth, and positive feelings among people.  

Phase 1: Love Letters

In Myanmar culture, expressing feelings and emotions, even to family and loved ones, is often seen as embarrassing, awkward, or uncomfortable. As a result, people may hesitate to show love and appreciation to those they care about and may keep their feelings to themselves. Our first phase of the “Love and Care” campaign aimed to address this issue by allowing Samsung users to express their love and let their loved ones know about their feelings through love letters and meaningful gifts. By encouraging people to express their love and appreciation, we hoped to strengthen relationships and spread positivity.  

For “Love Letters,” we launched the campaign on Facebook with a campaign video, encouraging people to install the Samsung Members App, register as a user, and then submit their heartwarming messages to their beloved ones.   

We worked with Tun Thet Aung, a tattoo artist, freelance designer, and creative calligrapher, for four weeks to compose love letters. These letters were based on participants’ submissions and sent love letters with exquisite surprise gifts to the recipients. The initiative received so much love and positive feedback from Samsung fans, claiming “Samsung is the only tech brand that cares about its users,” with lots of organic posts on social media. 

Love and Care with Samsung in Myanmar
Traffic downloading Samsung Members App
Registered Samsung Members
Total campaign participants
Campaign reach

Phase 2: Thank You!


“The “Love Letters” campaign was designed to allow people of all ages to express their love to their family, friends, and partners.  

The “Thank You!” campaign built on this theme by focusing on appreciation, positioning Samsung’s customer service as always available to help when needed. We created an emotional video that used the metaphor of the bond between a mother and her children or a brother and his siblings to showcase Samsung’s customer service capabilities, with the message that users can rely on Samsung’s customer service as they would on their loved ones. Our goal was to connect with our audience on a deeper level and demonstrate the importance of expressing love and appreciation and the value of reliable customer service.  

We launched a CSR campaign called “Thank You!” to promote Samsung’s excellent customer service and enhance brand love. To create an open and genuine connection with our audience, we invited people with Down syndrome to participate in the campaign rather than using actors or influencers. By featuring individuals with Down syndrome in the video, we aimed to raise awareness about this condition and help to destigmatize prejudice. This emotional video was a powerful way to showcase Samsung’s customer service and commitment to care and support for all. We wanted to convey that everyone deserves love and respect, no matter their circumstances and that Samsung is there to offer support and care to those in need.  

The video is linked to our CSR campaign, where customers can donate to the people in need in Myanmar. We contributed to three organizations, a Disabled Care Center, Nursing Home, and Orphanage, and supported them with the necessities.    

The campaign received a lot of love and positive feedback, and we built a reliable, thoughtful brand image for Samsung in Myanmar during such a critical time in the country. Watch the donation video here).  

Love and Care with Samsung in Myanmar
Donated participants through QR code
Total campaign participants
Total engagements

Duolingo Duet Challenge CASE STUDY

The Brief

Duolingo is the world’s leading language learning app that makes learning a new language easy, fun, and accessible for everyone. When Duolingo came to the Philippines, Vero was tasked to establish its reputation as the brand of choice of Filipinos when it comes to easy and fun language learning. 

Despite the country’s high English proficiency, many Filipinos feel that they still have inadequate speaking capabilities, and they wish to be more confident using the language in both daily and professional life. For Filipinos that are already proficient in English, learning new languages beside English is also a common desire; we have seen a lot of interest in learning Korean, Spanish, Japanese and French.  

Karaoke and English Learning Come Together for Duolingo’s Duet Challenge

Vero went on to developed a full IMC campaign with a creative strategy grounded on authentic local insights to launch the Filipino to English language course in the country.  

To tap into Duolingo’s spirit of fun, Vero developed a campaign around something that no Filipino can ever resist – karaoke! 

By combining karaoke and language learning, Vero was also able to spotlight the easy nature of Duolingo’s language learning app. Songs are a great tool for language learners, with rhythm and repetition providing a fun way to practice new pronunciation, expression and vocabulary.  


Targeting both Tagalog and English speakers who have an interest in learning new languages, we went on to launch Duolingo Duet to challenge learners to sing along to a beloved Filipino song in English. We collaborated with a mixture of micro and macro influencers who can sing, have the fun charisma that aligns with Duolingo’s identity, and have good engagement with their followers.

The Duolingo Duet challenge was picked up and shared widely on social media and PR, encouraging Filipinos to download the app to join the challenge. Simultaneously, Vero deployed localized performance ads and Google search ads, while optimizing Duolingo’s Philippine App store to generate more downloads. Communications were revamped to speak in the casual vernacular of Filipinos, making it more accessible and enticing more users to download and learn new languages. 

Starting from the campaign for Tagalog to English course, Duolingo learners also discovered many other exciting languages they can learn on the app.

In terms of PR, Vero organized media engagements between Duolingo and local publications to further cement Duolingo in the Philippines, highlighting their equity of being the world’s No. 1 leading language learning app, making the learning process easy, convenient, and fun. Exposure took shape through a virtual media roundtable, media 1:1s on broadcast, online and streaming platforms of tier 1 media, supported by relevant press releases. We recommended a virtual media table because culturally, it is a respectful gesture to introduce oneself before doing business in the Philippines. It was the perfect avenue to introduce the brand, the team behind the brand and talk about the new course to Filipinos.

In preparation for media engagement activities, Vero also walked Duolingo’s staff through a soft media training program about the Philippine media, and engagement protocols.  We provided 3 pre-event media training courses for the Duolingo interviewee and 3 separate briefing books for each of the media engagements (media roundtable discussion, broadcast media 1:1 and online streaming 1:1 interview). Additionally, we also anticipated questions from the media with the Duolingo representatives and recommended quick, snappy answers that would be impactful soundbites.

Karaoke and English Learning Come Together for Duolingo’s Duet Challenge

Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day CASE STUDY

The Brief

Started by the United Nations, the World Milk Day is celebrated annually all over the world to highlight the benefits of milk consumption and support the dairy industry. In Thailand, Nestle‘s powdered milk product Bear Brand wanted to use this opportunity to inspire people to drink more milk and keep Bear Brand top of mind for consumers.

Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day


Leveraging the power of entertainment and social media, we tapped famous Thai actors Earth and Mix, whose fans are of the young generation, the very same market Bear Brand wanted to target for this campaign. We also did a little wordplay for the tagline and used ‘หม่ำหมี (mom-mee), which sounds like ‘มัมหมี (mommy) or what the fans call themselves. We asked Earth and Mix to make a healthy and creative dessert menu using Bear Brand UHT Milk as the main ingredient. Using the hashtag #EarthmixหมีUHTxShopee, they also went live on Shopee to have fun and play several games with their fans. Then five audience members were randomly selected to join the duo in an exclusive video call. This approach proved to be effective with the live session becoming the second most trending topic on Twitter in Thailand. 

Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day

To further boost the campaign, we worked with lifestyle and foodie KOLs to help showcase how people can create endless delicious recipes using Bear Brand UHT Milk. Their posts appeared on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

30 Million+
Total impression
2.5 million+
Total Engagements
pieces of KOL content

Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy CASE STUDY

The Brief

Client: Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS, Health Advancement in Vietnam (HAIVN), United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
Creative Agency: The Lab Saigon 

PR Agency: Vero 

The MSM (men who have sex with men) community has long been insulted by stereotypical representations of themselves in the media. Inclusive depiction of this group, as part of society, sharing similar challenges was paramount.  In 2021, Vero partnered with The Lab Saigon, to change this through a campaign designed to make a significant contribution toward reaching the national goal of ending AIDS in Vietnam by 2030.

For years HIV prevention campaigns in Vietnam have used aggressive propaganda and threats, creating a culture of fear, denial, and deflection. This has led to stigmatization, and prevented many individuals from getting tested, or taking necessary precautions to prevent HIV/AIDS. The most at-risk group we needed to consider was the MSM community, and we needed to find a way to develop a campaign that spoke authentically to the challenges they face.  

Led by the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS, with technical and financial support from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and with the partnership of Health Advancement in Vietnam (HAIVN), the 2021 national HIV prevention campaign set out to raise awareness on the latest HIV prevention methods available and cutting the stigma associated with being HIV positive. ​

The Lab Saigon acted as creative lead on this campaign, and Vero amplified communications through storytelling and PR activities. 


Through local insights, we learned that family members and peers play a vital role in helping young MSM’s develop a coherent sense of self and feel included among social groups. We also studied the history of HIV campaigns, or any PSA released in the past. For that matter, we found that focusing on statistics and scientific information doesn’t have the same impact as a good story that is relatable to everyone. So instead of talking about antiretroviral therapy or focusing on content that singled out the MSM community, we decided to take an inclusive approach that spoke to everyone: “Love is hard. HIV prevention is easy.”

Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy: Vero x The Lab

Vero launched the campaign with a virtual press conference on World AIDS Day. The event welcomed representatives of the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC); United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and Health Advancement in Vietnam (HAIVN). The endorsement of the government representatives and health experts gave the campaign increased credibility and authority, attracting the interest of journalists.​

​The conference was held virtually due to ongoing restrictions because of COVID-19. As this new way of working posed a challenge for government and official representatives, Vero worked hard to educate and onboard stakeholders, resulting in excellent attendance at the virtual press conference. ​

Despite the rush timing and difficulties in arranging logistics, the virtual press conference took place successfully with 38 journalists in attendance, 95% of them came from Tier 1 media.

Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy: Vero x The Lab
Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy: Vero x The Lab
Love is Hard, HIV Prevention is Easy: Vero x The Lab

Vero’s targeted influencer and community engagement worked with names in the creative scene and already inspiring their audience with their singular lives: like Miss H’Hen Nie, Ben Nguyen, Alex Fox, Quang Trung, and Fit Lan Anh. This activity boosted awareness of the ‘Love is Hard’ music video and encouraged personal sharing of stories of love creating a shared community and audience ownership. 

Afterward, The Lab released a music video created with Mike Pham and Kimmese, inspired by personal and collected stories, exploring the push and pull nature of love. The song was called ‘Love is Hard,’ highlighting the campaign message. Vero amplified this activity through a press release and targeted influencer and community engagement, giving visibility to the music video’s narrative of two young men in love. ​​

Vero’s targeted influencer and community engagement worked with names in the creative scene and already inspiring their audience with their singular lives: like Miss H’Hen Nie, Ben Nguyen, Alex Fox, Quang Trung, and Fit Lan Anh. This activity boosted awareness of the ‘Love is Hard’ music video and encouraged personal sharing of stories of love creating a shared community and audience ownership. 

Total PR results from all activities were 128 outcomes, 188,620,715 impressions at a PR value of 199,040.13 USD. The music video had a joint total of 1.2m views on YouTube, with an average watch time of 2:25 minutes. 820k unique viewers watched the video for a total of 41.4k hours. ​

Vero received the support of 31 celebrities, influencers, and communities, including Miss H’Hen Nie, Miss Phuong Khanh,  Châu Bùi, and Suboi. Miss H’Hen Nie also supported a branded post on her Facebook page for free of charge. There were 99 stories and posts on Facebook and Instagram from the influencers and communities with 49,519 engagements (not including FB/IG story views). ​

From Vero and The Lab’s combined communication efforts: The Heartbreak Museum website received, 68k unique visitors, with an engagement rate of 35.71%, and the event on Facebook reached 887,465 people, with 1,369,615 impressions. ​

PR Outcomes
PR value

TikTok’s Save Small Businesses in Thailand CASE STUDY

The Brief

In 2021, TikTok came to us with an extra special brief. As COVID-19 tore through Thailand, small businesses and restaurants began to close, with no government strategy outlined to help.  Enter TikTok’s Save Small businesses campaign. 

At least 50,000 restaurants closed in Bangkok alone, and 500,000 workers lost their jobs because of new restrictions. Delivery food apps were taking off, but advertising on these platforms was costly, way out of small local restaurants’ budget.  

TikTok were looking to create a campaign that was socially responsible, useful, and relevant. They wanted to target 18–35-year-old TikTok users, who are familiar with technology and enjoy playing or uploading to social media regularly, as well as those whose use had lapsed. 

Food was a focus area for TikTok in H2, and they were looking for a campaign that was scalable nationwide. 

TikTok’s ‘Save Small Businesses’ in Thailand


From our research into the target audience, we learned that this group was eager to help others, that they have their own individual favorite local store or restaurant, and often have an incredibly good relationship with these businesses. 

Vero’s campaign positioned TikTok as a platform for the greater good, helping small/local restaurants to have more exposure. The campaign would create momentum amongst users, activating both TikTok users and lapsed users to help restaurants together! 

The strategic task was to create a participative movement through the platform. To raise participation, we chose to leverage the audience’s sense of proximity by making geography and geolocalization the competitive element for content creation. Each Tiktok user could then have an impact on their immediate vicinity, on the small businesses which sit right next to them. 

Amplification through a few KOLs would encourage outsiders and lapse users to join the campaign, as well as emphasize TikTok’s image as a social supporter. To Save Small Businesses, the voices of choice were the consumers and KOLs, both having the most authentic reasons to participate. The campaign would be scaled up from local to national, in an inclusive effort

TikTok’s ‘Save Small Businesses’ in Thailand

To help restaurants gain more business via food delivery apps, Vero developed an integrated communication plan, including designing the UX and UI for TikTok’s platform, developing localized press releases, and running a social media campaign.  

Vero helped TikTok launch a challenge that asked people across Thailand’s five regions, to create a post about their favorite café or restaurant, tagging the province.  

We worked with local KOL’s from each region to encourage their followers to join the challenge using the hashtag เซฟร้านทั่วไทยกับTikTok or #savelocalstoreswithTiktok. 

TikTok used its algorithm to rank and identify the regions with the highest participation. The top four users who posted from these regions won exclusive prizes and a 30baht discount to use on food delivery apps. 

We all have a favorite small or local restaurant. A place that you frequent often and rave about to your friends.  

Vero homed in on this love and asked people to come together as a community to help save small and local restaurants from the brink of extinction. Besides a strong impact on impressions, the campaign made actual impact for businesses, as testified directly by some owners. 

1.5 Billion
Views on videos tagged with the hashtag
Videos generated from 77 stickers