Rewatch, Rewind, Replay Campaign for ‘BTS: Yet To Come’ Concert Movie on Prime Video

Rewatch, Rewind, Replay Campaign for ‘BTS: Yet To Come’ Concert Movie on Prime Video

Rewatch, Rewind, Replay Campaign for BTS: Yet To Come Concert Movie on Prime Video



K-pop concert movie “BTS: Yet to Come” was launched on the Amazon-owned Prime Video platform in November 2023. The film includes 19 performances of the boy band’s hit tracks, including “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” and mixed with speeches, electrifying stage designs, and spectacular firework displays. 

In collaboration with Vero in Thailand, Prime Video organized a spectacular premiere event for the Thai ARMY to “Rewatch, Rewind, and Replay” their favorite ‘Yet To Come’ concert moments. We built up anticipation and excitement and made sure to surpass fans’ expectations of their favorite Bangtan Boys! 

Leveraging the power of BTS’s solid fanbase in Thailand and KOLs, the three-day offline activation saw more than 1200 attendees at the Siam Scape, all experiencing the magic of the global pop icons’ historic concert.  


Pre-launch: Creating anticipation 

Vero enlisted some of Thailand’s most influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), devoted ARMY members, and lifestyle and entertainment media to generate content aimed at generating excitement for the forthcoming release of the BTS: Yet to Come concert movie on Prime. 

We reached out to ARMY members and anyone longing for the concert experience, encouraging them to prepare for a subscription to Prime in anticipation of the streaming release of the BTS: Yet to Come concert. 

Emphasizing the success of BTS: Yet to Come, with its impressive audience turnout of over 50,000 in Busan and over 10 million online audiences from around the world, the campaign also highlighted the remarkable production value of the concert. 


Launch Day: Rolling out powerful activation 

We transported Thai ARMY, KOLs, and influencers to the immersive world of the ‘Yet To Come’ concert through a vibrant purple-themed on-ground activation at Siam Scape. The experience was meticulously designed to replicate the electrifying atmosphere of the concert, featuring four different stations, including interactive “walls of memories” displaying behind-the-scenes from the concert, photo booths, and massive LED screens for the concert trailer. These elements combined enveloped fans in an ambiance that made them feel as though they were right there, sharing the moment with the Bangtan Boys.  


To make sure the ARMY members get to express their love for BTS in a sustainable paper-less way, we deployed a digital message screen. Here, fans wrote heartfelt messages that were instantly displayed in real-time on a large screen. This interactive feature not only allowed fans to share their sentiments but also fostered a sense of community and connection among attendees, creating a truly memorable and inclusive experience. 

Post-Launch: Sustaining the excitement

Missing BTS is a sentiment shared by many, making the invitation to watch the concert again and relive the magic more compelling. So, to sustain the excitement and magic, influencers and dedicated ARMY members alike emphasized the unique advantage of accessing the concert movie on Prime Video—highlighting the convenience of being able to indulge in the magic whenever desired. They extolled the seamless viewing experience, free from interruptions or screen freezing, to an incredible UHD video quality, ensuring that every moment is savored to the fullest. 

We saw an incredible volume of Twitter posts and TikTok videos of people sharing their viewing experiences, some even waving their light sticks or dressing up to recreate a live concert vibe within the comfort of their homes.

Engagement Rate

Vero Philippines Takes on Dell Gaming Mission: Conquer All


Dell Gaming Mission

Dell subsidiary Alienware changed gears in the last quarter of 2022, expanding its mission-themed engagement activity to cater to a wider gaming audience. Vero and Dell Technologies launched the new Dell Gaming Mission: Conquer All, with bigger missions and more allies.


Vero tapped three gaming influencers to mount a series of Missions on their channels, which would build up to a Joint Mission with all three of them in the same live stream competing in a battle royale game. 

  • Pocket Mission Series. Weeks before the main event, each influencer hosted a series of game livestreams. It was structured like their usual livestream format, but during every break, the influencers introduced and promoted one of three Dell devices: the Dell G15, Alienware X15, and Alienware Aurora R13, respectively. To make it more exciting for all their viewers, influencers gave prompts that participants could answer and be rewarded with exclusive Dell Gaming merch. 
  • Joint Mission. In the main event, all three influencers faced off in the same livestream, competing in the game Fall Guys. Each influencer had their own tactics to outsmart the others while engaging with their viewers. The audience, meanwhile, was tasked to help their influencer win by commenting on what to do next. At the end of the joint mission, three lucky audience members each won an Alienware headset, plus other merch. 

Influencers Pochspice, Isabaecon, and Queen Wrecker each took on a gaming archetype: the tank, the wizard, and the assassin, respectively, which in turn embodied the traits of each device Dell was promoting. This meant that fans were not just rooting for their favorite gamer but also for the associated Dell product. 

With the power of PochspiceIsabaecon, and Queen Wrecker’s devoted fanbases, this campaign reached more people than any previous Dell Gaming Mission. 

Dell Gaming Mission
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