Vero x Duravit First event in Vietnam

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Vero x Duravit CASE STUDY

The Brief

Vero was tasked to organize Duravit’s first event in Vietnam, with the goal of announcing their presence, introducing their flagship SensoWash i shower-toilet, and initiating a relationship with local media, micro- and nano- influencers, architects and interior designers, and creative directors with thousands of followers.

Duravit originated in Germany over 100 years ago. The SensoWash i “shower-toilet” – their term for a toilet with a built-in bidet – is fully produced by Duravit in Shanghai, with no outsourcing of manufacturing. It is currently their only product available in Vietnam, accessible via dedicated distributors and on display at interior design showrooms in large cities, including the Hafele Design Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Outside of Vietnam, Duravit products include washbasins, bathroom furniture, tubs and showers, urinals and bidets that are available elsewhere. All fall under their essential concept of the “designer bathroom”. The event included a panel discussion with a famous creative director and architect on new trends in bathrooms.

Duravit’s target audience consists primarily of well-off individuals who are concerned with aesthetic design, premium quality, and environmental sustainability. They chose to expand in Vietnam now due to the booming economy and rising upper class who desire luxury items. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people spent more time at home in 2020, which made them care more about both the design and hygiene of their environments. For many of them, the bathroom has become like a second living room.


The SensoWash®i launch event consisted of 5 main parts:

  • Welcome guests and have them try the AR filter
  • Mini SensoWash®I exhibition with product display booth
  • Product launch presentation
  • Panel discussion
  • Dinner for media

The event included four speakers: a Duravit brand representative, the MC, a creative director (who focused on aesthetics), and an architect (who focused on durability). The creative director and architect shared stories about their clients’ needs and the requests that have been made of them, concluding that people need bathrooms that are both durable and well-designed, supporting Duravit’s perspective that the Sensowash can be the centerpiece of a well-designed bathroom. The story was inspired by Phillipe Starck, a famous product designer who works with Duravit to focus on designing for humanity and making things both beautiful and durable.


After the event, some clients of the architects asked Vero to introduce Duravit to them. Because the event is designed for awareness, we measured its success by the feedback. Business and lifestyle media and influencers were already familiar with this kind of product and it is difficult to convince them to pick up the launch of a toilet, so instead Vero guided the media coverage to focus on the rising trend of designer bathrooms, with Duravit as a prime example.

A total of 37 media representatives attended the event, including those from top-tier media in different area (general news, tech media, lifestyle media) such as VNExpress, GenK, and Elle Decoration. To follow up the event, Vero issued a press release about the SensoWash®i launch. This release garnered 48 pieces of coverage. The media feedback about the event was quite positive – they commented that the interior design, display booth, and panel discussion helped them understand Duravit’s mission and vision, as well as the brand’s value.

There were also 3 social posts from the KOLs who attended the panel discussion and the event – Dzung Yoko, Son Dang, and Ha Do. These posts generated more than 1000 engagements.​