How Vero helped Mitsubishi Motors Resurrect the Notorious RALLIART

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How Vero helped Mitsubishi Motors Resurrect the Notorious RALLIART CASE STUDY

The Brief

Mitsubishi Motors wanted to resurrect its notorious car racing brand, the RALLIART, which had historically won some of the toughest races in the world.

After more than a decade’s hiatus on the world stage, Mitsubishi Motors picked Thailand to be the first country the RALLIART would restart its engine once more!

Mitsubishi Motors trusted us to organize the comeback of the legendary brand at Thailand’s Motor Expo 2021 where top-tier media could witness RALLIART’s return as special edition models.

Mitsubishi motors and ralliart


Vero supported the press launch of RALLIART by retelling the memorable history of the victorious racing brand as well as recalling Mitsubishi Motors special and historical connection with Thailand and appreciation for Thais.

Our feeling was that the models needed to be seen in action, so three legendary models highlighting the past successes of the brand in both the commercial and motorsport world were showcased at the 38th Thailand International Motor Expo 2021. We prepped a Mitsubishi Motors representative to take the audience of the motor expo on a journey of RALLIART, detailing its brand-new product roadmap.

We also coached the CEO to give an interview at the end of the event where a media Q&A session also took place to make sure the DNA and message of RALLIART was heard.  

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