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The Brief

Vero was tasked to develop an integrated marketing communications strategy to re-establish the brand positioning of Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, Daikin, in Vietnam through a wide range of communication platforms including Social Media, Influencers, PR and TV.

Our first effort was to reconnect with Daikin’s audience through a factory choreography video in collaboration between Vietnamese and Japanese dancers. The corporate video was on the 2nd step to use images of Japanese experts to endorse Vietnamese workers at the Daikin factory. The factory tour with media and tech reviewers was designed to explore the modern technology and human touch behind Daikin products made in Vietnam


Aiming to make Daikin an ambassador for Japanese pop-culture influence in Vietnam, we designed and produced two video formats – both addressing different aspects of Daikin’s heritage and relationship with Vietnam.

The music video was inspired from Japanese choreographic and aesthetic visual codes and aimed to prove that the Vietnamese factory was as Japanese as any other factory in Japan. The video was deployed and buzzed directly on social media platforms of the brand and of the influencers that supported in the project.

The Ad-Documentary format video was developed to be leveraged by media channels as they hoped in the conversation. Following the life of a Japanese Daikin engineer in Vietnam, it tells the story of the unique cultural exchange taking place within Daikin in Vietnam – the video was leveraged by TV and online media throughout the campaign.

Media Engagement

To amplify our messaging and communications, we launched a series of PR activities and engaged with Vietnamese media. Engagement took shape through exclusive stories on Daikin’s cultural shift as well as conducting one on-site media tour, where journalists could experience Daikin’s state of the art Japanese factory in Vietnam.

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