Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day

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Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day CASE STUDY

The Brief

Started by the United Nations, the World Milk Day is celebrated annually all over the world to highlight the benefits of milk consumption and support the dairy industry. In Thailand, Nestle‘s powdered milk product Bear Brand wanted to use this opportunity to inspire people to drink more milk and keep Bear Brand top of mind for consumers.

Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day


Leveraging the power of entertainment and social media, we tapped famous Thai actors Earth and Mix, whose fans are of the young generation, the very same market Bear Brand wanted to target for this campaign. We also did a little wordplay for the tagline and used ‘หม่ำหมี (mom-mee), which sounds like ‘มัมหมี (mommy) or what the fans call themselves. We asked Earth and Mix to make a healthy and creative dessert menu using Bear Brand UHT Milk as the main ingredient. Using the hashtag #EarthmixหมีUHTxShopee, they also went live on Shopee to have fun and play several games with their fans. Then five audience members were randomly selected to join the duo in an exclusive video call. This approach proved to be effective with the live session becoming the second most trending topic on Twitter in Thailand. 

Bear Brand UHT – World Milk Day

To further boost the campaign, we worked with lifestyle and foodie KOLs to help showcase how people can create endless delicious recipes using Bear Brand UHT Milk. Their posts appeared on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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2.5 million+
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