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To position themselves as the world’s leading digital travel company that offers a variety of accommodations and unique, unforgettable experiences – launched the Bangkok Booking Bus, a self-contained camper van with a distinctive Thai design. The bus comes with a complete range of facilities to provide a comfortable stay and was creatively designed to be 100% Instagrammable.

Available exclusively on, and accommodating up to two people for just on night only, this once-in-a-lifetime experience was situated at Asiatique, The Riverfront with its vast array of night entertainment options, making this a truly unforgettable stay.

As the popularity of alternative accommodation continues to grow, research commissioned by revealed that more travelers than ever are looking for unique places to stay that can satisfy  their desire to explore different property types. Over two-fifths of Thai travelers plan to stay at least once in a unique accommodation – not only to feel inspired but to impress their friends by turning to alternative accommodation types as a way of expressing their individuality

Vero was tasked to drive awareness and discovery of’s diversity of accommodations, beyond the ‘usual’ hotels and to share’s mission in providing unique and unforgettable experiences for travelers all over the world.


Vero produced and distributed four key press releases to relevant media and secured several interviews with Michelle Gao, Regional Manager, Mekong Region at A press conference was also arranged where exclusive interviews were taken with national broadcast media, Channel 5 along with a number of engagements with travel bloggers and influencers.

Upon campaign end, the bus was donated to a local Thai travel social enterprise, ‘Local Alike’ who will make use of the bus’s sustainability journey – Bangkok Booking Bus
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