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Vero is a communications consultancy nurturing trustful relationships with the world’s leading brands and organizations across Southeast Asia. We advise and create solutions to help grow their brand equity. ​

We make brands talkable for the right reasons, providing integrated marketing and communications strategies that resonate within the region’s digital ecosystems and fast-growing economies. When a meaningful connection is made between brands and communities, we can expect economic, social, and cultural progress to appear.

Our consultants are empowered with processes of collective intelligence, built on collaborative platforms and social listening tools.

Our Culture
At Vero, our working culture is based on our three core values:  


We trust our team to do the right thing, whether that’s using their good judgment to say no to a client or project, taking time off when they need to, or being transparent about their workloads or wellness. We believe that trust can liberate our energies and allow for frictionless, fulfilling collaboration.  


We are committed to a workplace that welcomes all people regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and race.  

We put our people before anything else, and we want them to stay and grow with us. We want to promote from within, give people responsibility, and ultimately great careers and great lives.  

We have a multi-market mindset that stretches across five countries in Southeast Asia. Together we work as a team and make decisions that help the collective rather than the individual.  


We share information, values, and culture. We embrace innovative technology, apply long-term thinking, and are always learning from each other’s quirks.

We seek to understand the complex world we live in, hoping to stay at the forefront of what’s best in our world. We aspire for progress to reach far around us.  

To learn more about our culture and how it takes life, dive into our culture and brand book.

Clean Creatives Pledge

Vero is a proud member of the Clean Creatives Pledge. We join over 200 creative firms in a pledge not to engage in contracts for PR and advertising campaign support for fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups associated with the fossil fuel industry.

About – 2
About – 2

Benefits of joining Team Vero

Check out all of our vacancies.

What does ‘Unlimited Leave’ mean?  

Unlimited leave means just that – your holiday time at Vero will be unlimited.  

We trust our people to use good judgment when given guidelines for making decisions about taking holiday and we know that our teams work better when they can rest and take a proper break from work.  

 Our goal is that every team takes an average leave of 15 days per person.  

How will this be measured?  

Every year for mid-year and end-of-year appraisals, the measurement of the average number of leave taken within a team will be calculated as such:  

Sum/number of team members = average leave taken per headcount   

So, there are no rules around Unlimited Leave?  

We prefer to think of them as guidelines.  

For all employees past probation, and before resignation:  

  • All Leave categories in our HR system will be unlocked with no maximum allocation. 
  • Leave should still be categorized to help team members organize and rationalize time transparently. 
  • All Leave requests shall be approved by team leaders. 
  • Team leaders’ default answer to leave requests should be “approved”. In the event leaders want to refuse a leave request, they should first sync with HR and country management.  
  • Like in any other instance, employees who work overtime may use unlimited leave to make up for the time they gave to the company.  
  • Employees who resign will not be able to trade their notice period against unlimited leave, in part or in full. 
  • Because it is unlimited, leave won’t roll over from one year to the next anymore. 
  • You can apply for up to 10 working days of consecutive leave at a time (2 weeks); Should you want to take more than two weeks off; you may send another application for consecutive days off.  
  • A team’s average annual leave count will be taken into consideration during managers’ half-year and annual appraisals.  

How will this affect our clients?  

In short, it won’t.   

Teams will be encouraged to book time off at least a month in advance to allow us to prepare for the absence.  This is especially important if you are planning to take a long holiday, which you should be doing at least once a year. A lengthy amount of downtime is important to your overall wellness and mental health, so please do take it.   

We encourage you to think about the needs of your team when taking time off. There should be no instances when a whole team is out of the office, or many team members taking time off during an especially busy time. So, if you know you have a big launch or big deadline coming up, we’d recommend taking time off just after. You’ll be able to enjoy it all the better!  

An “enhanced 13th month” through which you will receive an annual extra sum of money equal to your salary in the preceding month plus a fraction of annual company benefits. The year-end bonus is decided by the Company and at its sole discretion. The Year-end Bonus is paid in the same payslip as January.  

All our employees can choose where they want to work on any given day, whether that’s their local Supercampus office, which welcomes movement, offer convenient workspaces for focused work, as well as facetime opportunities with the rest of your team.  


One company laptop, a budget to build your home office, subscriptions to relevant industry media as well as to social sentiment analysis and business intelligence tools and dashboards.  

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm (including 1 hour of lunch break). 

The number of sick leaves is not checked by the company as we believe that you should take a rest when you are unwell and unfit to work.

As much as possible we push our teams to travel for events/client work. On any given year (non-pandemic that is) manager-level team members can visit some of our other offices, attend industry events and follow their clients if they handle regional projects.

The number of sick leaves is not checked by the company as we believe that you should take a rest when you are unwell and unfit to work.

1 paid day per quarter for you to take time off, unplug and treat yourself to something nice. 

1 extra day per month for you to take on a Friday or a Monday and enjoy a longer weekend.

We sponsor team members with training tools and resources, both internal and external, and we even incentivize employees to complete classes. Details of training programs and incentives will be shared upon your onboarding. This includes training and development investments organized by the company as well as specialized programs that our executives may come across and feel are needed for their development.  

We will supply private medical insurance as a benefit. The actual package and structure of the insurance will be decided in more detail by each country’s office. 

We understand the importance of access to proper mental health support, all our employees can access a minimum budget of $500 USD per year for therapy with internationally trained psychologists. The access to this budget and the content of your therapy is 100% confidential, only you and your therapist know what is being said during sessions, of course.

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